Who plays tomorrow for the World Cup in Qatar?

Contrasts: the happiness of the Koreans and the tears of sadness of Luis Suárez in his last World Cup
Contrasts: the happiness of the Koreans and the tears of sadness of Luis Suárez in his last World Cup

The group stage is over Qatar World Cup🇧🇷 This Friday (2), the 16 classified for the round of 16 of the tournament were known, and the last round was full of surprises, such as the elimination of the four-time world champion Germany🇧🇷 For the second consecutive Cup, the Germans fall in the 1st phase, after the fourth championship in 2014, in Brazil. Third placed in the World Cup in Russia, the Belgium also fell in the initial phase, with only one victory over Canadaa surprising defeat for Morocco and a draw against runner-up Croatia🇧🇷

Who also said goodbye early was the Uruguay🇧🇷 Twice world champion in 1930 and 1950, the “Celeste Olímpica” didn’t know what it was like to fall in the first phase 20 years ago, when it was eliminated in 2002 in a group that had the Denmarka France and Senegal🇧🇷 And speaking of the 1992 European champions, “Dinamáquina”, who were semi-finalists in the last euro cup, scored just one point in three games and finished bottom of the group. Who qualified was Australiawhich will have the tough mission of facing the Argentina in octaves.

THE Brazilian Team I haven’t known what it was like to lose a World Cup group stage game since 1998, when they fell 2-1 to Norway, in France. At the time, as now, Brazil was already classified, as it won Scotland and Morocco at the time, commanded by Mario Jorge Lobo Zagallo🇧🇷 Today, in charge of Titethe five-time champions went to the field with a 100% reserve team and fell to the eliminated selection of Cameroon by 1 to 0. The second place in the group went to Switzerlandwho won the Serbia by 3 to 2.

World champion in 2010, the Spain came close to being out. Defeated 2-1 by Japanthe “Roja” saw the Costa Rica to stay in front of the Germans for a few minutes, but the four-time champions won by 4-2. In the round of 16, the Spaniards face the Moroccans, while the “Blue Samurai” face the current vice-champions of the world, the Croatia🇧🇷

And in group H, in addition to Portugalwho passed was the surprising South Korea. Fourth place in 2002, when it hosted the tournament alongside Japanthe Asians beat the team of Cristiano Ronaldo 2-1, with coach Fernando Santos putting a mixed team on the field. Even with the show from Arrascaeta and the 2-0 victory over GhanaO Uruguay said goodbye and will go home without a technician, since Diego Alonso He was fired.

netherlands x United States – 12/03/2022 (12h in Brasilia)

argentina vs australia – 03/12/2022 (16:00 Brasilia time)

Summary of classifieds

In group A, the Netherlands confirmed its favoritism and went on top of the group, winning two games and drawing one. The “Clockwork Orange”, which was runner-up three times (1974, 1978 and 2010), will have the Americans in their path. Without Sadio Manéits main player, Senegal started losing to the Europeans and won the games against Qatar it’s the Ecuadorreturning to the round of 16 after 20 years of the historic feat of 2002, when he eliminated France in the group stage.

For group B, the England and the United States followed the logic and passed in first and second, respectively. They tied with no goals when they faced each other, but they won Will and Wales to follow firmly in the dream of the title. The English Team, champion only in 1966, was runner-up in the Eurocup recently, in addition to being in 4th place in the last Cup.

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