Windows 12: User Creates Conceptual Design Focused on Usability

A few months ago, an article revealed that Microsoft plans to come back with its plans to introduce a new version of Windows every three years. Although the company has not confirmed this strategy, it accidentally revealed an early prototype of Windows 12.

While the company doesn’t talk about the new version of its operating system, one user created an interesting Windows 12 concept video that received praise for presenting smart ideas and focusing on usability.

Windows 12: Microsoft Accidentally Reveals Possibility

14 Oct

Windows 12: Microsoft must wait until

14 Jul

YouTuber Avdan brought a conceptual design of Windows 12 with smart proposals and features focused on the usability of the operating system. Basically, he took features of Windows 11 and decided to improve the aesthetics, but bringing advances in usability.

For example, there is a more dynamic widget area with the media player, calendar and weather information. Meanwhile, the taskbar would offer more options for notifications, such as when a Bluetooth device is connected.

There’s also a completely revamped quick settings section, with available Bluetooth devices and Wi-Fi networks being shown right when the tab is opened, without the need to take an extra click to access the options.

Another interesting idea is how it approaches Windows widgets with wallpapers. It allows you to fix widgets on the desktop and make the images adapt to it, allowing greater customization and the user to organize the screen according to his needs.

Finally, it shows an alternative to multitasking by splitting two applications in one window, grouping the files in File Explorer, similar to Microsoft Edge’s Collections feature.

In the comments, several users praised Avdan’s creation and said that they hope Microsoft will be inspired by some of the YouTuber’s ideas.

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