Women of national team players encourage star players after defeat: ‘Let’s go up’

The players’ wives encouraged their star players not to drop the ball after the unexpected defeat by the Cameroon team, in which Brazil ended up losing 1-0 in the last game of the group stage of the World Cup. Even with the negative result in the match, conceding a goal in added time, the Brazilian team qualified first in group G, group leader for the 16th time, and will play the round of 16 next Monday, at 4 pm, facing Korea Republic South.

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Marília Nery, Vitória Schneider Vargas, Isabelle Silva, Carol Cabrino, Monique Salum, Ana Lídia Guimarães and Isabella supported their husbands on the networks and did not let their followers think that the six-year dream had come to an end. Game by game, the wives seek to bring strength and comfort to the athletes in Qatar.

Marilia Nery, wife of Everton Ribeiro, is known on social media for following the Flamengo player’s career closely. Summoned to the national team, the beach tennis player traveled to Qatar to support her husband and teammates. On Instagram, after losing this Friday, Marília did not lose her enthusiasm when she posted a story for Everton:

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“Let’s go to the next one! Up, my love, my ace!”, He said in the publication.

Vitoria Schneider Vargas, married to Alex Telles, did not go to the game because she is pregnant. Seeing her husband crying, she also got emotional. Even though she couldn’t hold back her tears, she didn’t lose faith in the title:

“Only God knows the pain it gives to see him crying like that, speechless”, wrote Vitoria.

Carol Cabrino, wife of Marquinhos, found it hard to believe that Brazil was losing the third game of the group stage. She filmed the exact moment of the goal, and wrote “what do you mean?”. Then she continued the videos and explained to her daughter why her father was so angry.

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“Guys, my husband is very angry, he really wants this goal from Brazil to come out. Daughter, Brazil lost, dad is sad, look at his face on the screen”, recorded Carol who continued “but let’s go, there’s much more yet. Other games ahead and there’s no problem”, he added, encouraging the players.

Monique Salum, Fred’s wife, also recorded the moment when the team conceded the Cameroonian goal:

“Gol dos cara nos accrecimos, like that, sincerely…”, after a while in silence he made a publication for Fred and the entire Brazilian nation. “The result wasn’t what we expected, but we kept going strong in the battle, finishing first in our group! I’m so proud of you, chouchou, and of our entire team. Let’s face it, now it’s real, I just want to leave after the 18th Let’s go in search of our dream, let’s go in search of hexa!”, said Monique without letting discouragement infect her profile.

Monique Salum supports her husband Fred after the defeat against Cameroon Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Ana Lídia Guimarães, married to Bruno Guimarães who participated in the game, made a statement to her husband to increase the boy’s autism:

“You are our hero! I love you, my example of strength and courage! You never hide! I am so proud of you! May God protect you and may Our Lady cover you with her holy mantle! Matteo and I are very lucky” , said remembering that the son also feels proud.

Ana Lídia supports husband Bruno Guimarães after defeat
Ana Lídia supports her husband Bruno Guimarães after the defeat Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Isabella, a nutritionist married to Martinelli, did not lose hope, but she also did not deny that she was shaken by the defeat.

“What a game, my prince. Sad for the defeat, but very happy for your performance showing the world what an incredible player you are”, praised Martinelli’s wife.

Isabella supports her husband Martinelli
Isabella supports her husband Martinelli Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Isabelle Silva, who has been married for years to Thiago Silva, even went to the Brazilian fans’ party to make it clear that “in Qatar, no one was discouraged from the sixth”.

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