10 Good Superhero Movies That Aren’t Marvel or DC

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In recent years, the Super heroes became the main pinnacle of culture pop🇧🇷 Be it in cinemas, in TV series and streaming or even in games, these figures straight out of the comics conquered a legion of fans and today, everyone likes to see the beatings rolling freely while masked characters try to save the world.

And as much as talking about superheroes takes us directly to the great bastions of A.D and the marvel comics, it is worth mentioning that many characters from other publishers – and even other original heroes – have already been featured on the big screen. Therefore, we list here 10 Good Superhero Movies That Aren’t From Marvel and neither can dc comics🇧🇷

Darkman: Revenge without a Face (1990)

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Sam Raimi was always a complete nerd addicted to superhero stories, and even before commanding his trilogy from Spider man or Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnesshe had already introduced the world to his own defender thanks to Darkman: Faceless Revengea 1990 film starring Liam Neeson🇧🇷

In the plot, the doctor peyton westlake is a famous scientist betrayed, who ends up being left to burn to death. Miraculously, he survives and sets out to seek revenge on all those responsible. The film is Raimi’s passion project and brings several elements of cinema noirbut all with a twist that looks straight out of a comic book pulp🇧🇷

The Raven (1994)

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If you’ve never seen it, you probably remember The crow because of the tragic behind-the-scenes story, which resulted in the death of the actor Brandon Lee – and as much as this traumatic event is the franchise’s calling card, the first feature still carries with it many merits of its own that make it an indispensable work for superhero fans.

Based on the eponymous comics by James O’Barrthe film directed by Alex Proyas follow the story of Eric Draven, a young musician who, after being killed, returns to life to take revenge on those who killed him and his fiancée. Like this darkmanis a film very influenced by the aesthetics noirbut with a look that would only be possible in the 90s.

The Mask of Zorro (1998)

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You must have already come across Zorro’s Mask on some broadcast on open TV. However, the film still remains one of the best representations of the hero created by Johnson McCulleywhich will certainly please fans of stories about masked avengers with a cloak and sword.

The plot follows Alejandro Murrietathe “apprentice” of Zorrowho follows in his master’s footsteps as he falls in love with the beautiful Elena Montero🇧🇷 In addition to having great action scenes and an adventurous atmosphere that is missing in current cinema, the feature also features incredible performances by Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta-Jones🇧🇷

Body Closed (2000)

where to watch: Not available on any streaming services.

Known for its plot twists and surprising twists, M. Night Shyamalan has also addressed the myth of superheroes in one of his most acclaimed films. Closed body tells the story of a completely impenetrable man, who does not get sick and who starts to use these gifts to save the people around him.

With an amazing job by Bruce Willis in the lead role, the feature is not only a tribute to this comic book archetype, but also brings an interesting discussion about morality and the role of a super-villain. It is worth remembering that the film ended up having two “sequels” that make up a shared universe: Fragmented (2016) and Glass (2019).

Hellboy (2004)

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Guillermo del Toro is one of the greatest geniuses in cinema today, and his work seems very inclined to demystify the figure of monsters and how they are parallel to our own humanity. You can see splashes of this in hellboyfrom 2004, which adapts the character created in the comics of Mike Mignola🇧🇷

Here, in addition to a heartwarming story involving a boy straight from hell, we have absurd world-building and iconic visuals, all with make-up and practical effects. Subsequently, Del Toro had the chance to further expand the mythology behind the saga in Hellboy II: The Golden Armyfrom 2008.

Sky High: Super School of Heroes (2005)

where to watch🇧🇷 disney+

Currently, the disney is the biggest mouthpiece for superheroes in theaters, as it is the home of the Marvel Cinematic Universe🇧🇷 However, in 2005, they didn’t have the rights to Casa das Ideias, and this forced them to do some very interesting things in that direction. A beautiful example is Sky High: Super School of Heroeswhich brings a very fun and electrifying adventure.

here we know Will Strongholdthe son of two of the world’s greatest heroes, who is sent to Sky High, a school where young people can learn to master their superpowers. However, he soon realizes that the school is not that different from “normal” high schools, as he sees a huge divide between those who are considered heroes and the “helpers”.

Heroes (2009)

where to watch🇧🇷 Star+🇧🇷 Paramount+🇧🇷 GloboPlay and HBO Max

Chris Evans has already proven its worth twice as much at Casa das Ideias, whether in the role of Human Torch in the two films of Fantastic Four gives Fox or like the captain America of MCU🇧🇷 However, between the two roles, he ended up making a very different superhero movie, the underrated heroesfrom 2009.

In the plot, Evans plays Nick Grant, a telekinetic who needs to team up with other people with superpowers to destroy an organization that wants to test them, to create an army of super soldiers. In addition to Evans, the film also features in its cast names such as Dakota Fanning, Corey Stoll, Ming-Na Wen and Djimon Hounsou🇧🇷

Kick-Ass: Break Everything (2010)

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In theory, the comic that gave rise to Kick-Ass: Breaking Everything is part of the seal Icon gives Marvel🇧🇷 However, as the deductible Mark Millar never had anything to do with the publisher’s heroes, it makes sense to put her on a list like this. Released in 2010, the film directed by Matthew Vaughn imagine what would happen if normal people decided to become heroes.

starring Aaron Taylor-Johnson in the role of the nerd Dave Lizewskithe feature shows how he decided to become a vigilante and ended up meeting, in the process, the brutal big daddy (lived by Nicolas Cage) and the hit girl (lived by Chloë Grace Moretz🇧🇷 The long still had a sequel in 2010, but unfortunately it is not as good as the original.

Super (2010)

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James Gunn is the figure of the moment when it comes to superheroes. In addition to having made Guardians of the Galaxy big stars of MCUthe filmmaker also reformulated The Suicide Squad to the dc comics and will be largely responsible for architecting the universe of the publisher from scratch. But he’s also done some stories outside of the great titans of comics.

Super was launched in 2010 and brings Rainn Wilson in the role of Frank Darbo, a cook who decides to become a hero on his own, to try to rescue his wife from the hands of a powerful drug dealer. Full of Gunn’s acidic and unusual humor, the film still brings us incredible characters played by Elliot Page, Liv Tyler and Kevin Bacon🇧🇷

Megamind (2010)

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To close this list, we bring an animation that offers us a very different point of view for superhero stories. megamind has as its protagonist an alien villain who wants to receive all the acclaim he has been denied his whole life, while his rival, the Metro Manis a figure applauded by everyone on Earth.

The film serves as a great parody of several famous comic book figures, especially characters from dc comics🇧🇷 However, in the end, it’s a very interesting plot about the concept of villainy and about second chances. In addition, the voice cast is brilliant, featuring Will Ferrell, Jonah Hill, Tina Fey, JK Simmons and even brad pitt🇧🇷

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