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The menu delighted fans of the horror genre with its twisted take on the idea that a small obsession can turn into murderous intent. There are other films that offer different interpretations of the genre, such as the cognitive risk films, which focus on the disasters and dangers that happen when the characters’ five senses are exposed.

These range from stories where hearing can cause a person’s death, such as Pontypoolto movies where seeing an entity is a setup for a death, like bird box🇧🇷 The cognitohazard aspect of things creates a tense environment, which is perfect for horror fans who will find it a unique medium of entertainment.

Pontypool (2008)

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A man yells into headphones in Pontypool

Pontypool is a lesser-known, must-see horror film set on a radio station where the host hears news that people have started to go manic due to certain key words. the danger in Pontypool it’s unique because simply hearing certain words means people’s doom.

Pontypool remains high in the tension department, creating a sense of paranoia for viewers, with characters randomly realizing they’re in trouble. The minimalist setting of the radio station and interruptions from crazed individuals threatening the protagonists make this movie interesting but scary to watch.

Bird Box (2018)

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Sandra Bullock blindfolded with two children in Bird Box

While there are many likable roles played by Sandra Bullock, they have mostly been in romantic comedies. bird boxThe protagonist of is sympathetic for resisting the terrible cognitive risk brought by mysterious entities, while protecting her young children.

bird box‘s horror element comes from the way people are compelled to claim their own lives as soon as they see the entities, while crazed individuals turn murderous under their influence. The main setting largely takes place inside a house full of questionable personalities, which heightens the public’s fear of who will betray the rest.

Candyman (1992)

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A man wears a fur coat and has a hook hand in Candyman

candyman remains one of the best lore-centric films around, with the danger here being the summoning of the titular assassin. Cognitive hazard kicks in whenever a person hears himself saying the Candyman’s name five times in the mirror.

The assassin is determined to continue his spree once he’s summoned, putting everyone at risk. candyman it’s an interesting twist on the cognitive risk aspect, as it’s a supernatural horror movie with some nuances about how people bring their problems to themselves.

The Empty Man (2020)

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A man emerges from the darkness in The Empty Man

the empty man combines folklore with cognithazards, depicting the death of those who hear the whispers of a person about to be eliminated by the titular character. The story follows a detective’s investigation into the murders, which also puts him at risk.

the empty manCognitohazard’s cognitive hazard has to do with hearing, as characters are essentially doomed when this happens. However, there is a larger conspiracy surrounding cults and the supernatural, making the empty man doubly interesting as the real reason behind it all comes to light.

Shadow People (2013)

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A man is lying in bed in Shadow People

shady person brings the cognitive danger of vision, with the people in the film being targeted by a mysterious shadow – anyone who sees it out of the corner of their eye is marked for death. Furthermore, even thinking about the shadows puts the characters in danger.

shady person thrives on upsetting viewers, constantly making any kind of shadow a potential end for the characters. This makes everything in the film a supposed threat, showing how dangerous a cognitive hazard can be, as seeing and thinking can kill a person.

Truth or Dare (2018)

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Lucy Hale smiling in Truth or Dare

Truth or Dare is a supernatural movie featuring the worst group of friends in a horror movie, as they all doom themselves. The basic premise is that engaging in a supernatural game of Truth or Dare causes players to be instantly overtaken by an evil entity, which kills everyone one by one.

The cognitive risk here comes from hearing the words “Truth or Dare?” once the game begins, participants are instantly overcome by the entity to spell their death. Truth or Dare it might be a little formulaic, but the tension remains strong due to the mystery of how the characters can avoid their fate.

Yellow Brick Road (2010)

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People standing looking scared on a hill in YellowBrickRoad

yellow brick road takes place in a town where over 500 people have caused their own deaths, with that mystery carried over 70 years later to the present. It is revealed that the loud, blaring music is responsible, which makes people manic with bad intentions.

In addition to the auditory danger, there is also the danger of the hallucinogenic berries that cause the characters to enter a state where they want to do harm. yellow brick road it’s a disturbing experience, but one that’s sure to scare more than a few viewers.

Into the Mouth of Madness (1994)

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Sam Neill laughing in a cinema in In The Mouth Of Madness

In the mouth of madness is a supernatural horror where protagonist John Trent investigates the disappearance of a horror novelist, only to discover that reading his works drives one insane – he realizes that the city he is now investigating is plagued by this danger.

In the mouth of madness takes a paranormal twist on cognitive hazards, as looking at a book exposes characters to death. The film is also thought-provoking for the subtext about how easily people can be manipulated, with the ending leaving things on a high note.

Disappearing on 7th Street (2010)

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A man walks down a deserted street in Vanishing On 7th Street

Disappearing on 7th Street follows a bizarre menace where the people of the world start disappearing every time they find themselves in darkness. The cognitive hazard here is seeing the dark, as those who do instantly disappear, leaving only their clothes and belongings behind.

The movie then ups the ante, showing that the planet isn’t sunbathing either, meaning the survivors have no choice but to look for some source of light or perish in darkness. Disappearing on 7th Street deserves credit for making an effective thriller from a premise most wouldn’t think of.

The Sign (2007)

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A bloodied woman wearing headphones in The Signal (2007)

The sign it follows several characters in different scenarios but all centered on mysterious signals through communication devices that affect their mental stability. The film is interesting because it has everything from horror to comedy, and even a love story.

The signThe cognitohazard comes from the sound that changes people’s minds, causing them to endanger themselves and the people around them. The film leaves a lot of questions in viewers’ minds, many of which go unanswered as the point is to feel daunted by the uncertainty of the disaster.

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