390 million year old sea water is found in minerals

Although it seems impossible, the possibility of finding sea ​​water millions of years old exists. After some studies, researchers discovered the presence of “stored” fluids inside minerals of iron pyrite 390 million years ago.

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The discovery was made in a sea that occupied an area where the State of New York is currently located, a region that goes from the State of Michigan to Ontario, Canada.

Discovery of millions of years

Check out some details of this discovery:

The region where New York State now is was once very different. There was located an extensive sea that went from the State of Michigan to Ontario, Canada.

Recently, pyrite minerals were found in the region and inside them there was a sea liquid that, according to researchers, would have been there 390 million years ago. The ore was detected in the northern Appalachian Basin on the west side of New York.

Several samples were collected and taken to laboratories to be analyzed. Scientists performed chemical and advanced microscopy analyzes and were able to collect information on how the oceans adapt to climate change over the years.

The magazine Earth and Planetary Science Letters is the publication responsible for the study of the smallest remnants of an ancient sea already discovered. It was through this research that it became known of the existence of a coral reef, with sizes similar to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, at the time of the Middle Devonian.

According to Sandra Taylor, a scientist at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the samples were first observed under an electron microscope, which showed a kind of very characteristic mini-bubbles. The minerals were named “framboids” precisely because when they are observed under a microscope, they look very similar to raspberries.

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