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Doha, Qatar

It was one of the most beautiful farewells for a Brazilian player cut from a World Cup.

Alex Telles, who was just excited, happy, for playing his first Worlds game, saw his desire turn into a nightmare.

A very violent clash with Frank-Zambo, from Cameroon, ended up causing him to tear the menisci in his right knee. He will have to undergo surgery. He will just wait for the knee to subside here in Qatar and go to Spain. Sevilla want to take care of their player.

Gabriel Jesus was also sidelined by an injury to his right knee.

The player will turn 30 in 16 days.

He knows that the next World Cup, in 2026, will be three and a half years from now. At the age of 33 and a half, he will have to be in very good shape to continue with the national team for the United States.

But, before leaving the West In Doha & Spa hotel, he opened his heart. The farewell was memorable. And it sums up in an emotional way a player’s love for the Brazilian national team.

“The trajectories are not straight, they have curves. Not all moments in life are of joy, but the good side of that (and we absolutely always have the counterpoint to sadness) is that after the crying, it’s the turn of the smile. I always I had a dream as a child, which was to defend my country in a World Cup, and that dream, you can be sure, did not end here.

“My dream remains within each teammate who will take to the field in matches until the end of the World Cup.

“Because this dream was never just mine, it has always been a dream of all those who love Brazil and live football intensely. I follow from the heart and as a fan from now on. In fact, I follow how I always felt: a Brazilian who never gave up dreaming.

“I made a drawing when I was a child that showed everything I wanted and that, in fact, I always wanted in my life. Before the match against Cameroon, I looked at that drawing and asked God that his will be done. And that’s how I am. staring every minute.

“Nothing arrives without a purpose in our lives. And with the same will as that child who drew his dreams, I will follow my path. Thank you all for your love. I will come back even stronger! The dream continues!since I left the field.”

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