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See how many cities Daenerys has conquered in Game of thrones over its 8 seasons, and how she did it. Interpreted by Emilia Clarke, Daenerys Targaryen was one of the protagonists of the HBO series. War of Thrones, until she wasn’t. Daenerys is introduced as a relatively shy character in Season 1, living in the shadow of her arrogant brother, whose sole mission is to restore House Targaryen to the Iron Throne of Westeros by removing the usurper from Baratheon. Three dragon eggs later, Daenerys recovers and takes the will of the Targaryen bloodline upon herself. Rather than just restoring her family’s honor, however, Daenerys seeks to blaze a whole new path. The famous series saw Daenerys take Meereen, among many other cities, and she led the famous War of Thrones slave army to several victories.

dragon house it showed just how powerful the Targaryens are, and Daenerys honors her ancestors in that regard. On her long journey back to Westeros, Daenerys takes Meereen and gains powerful allies, including the Unsullied and Dothraki, as well as the likes of Ser Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister. But instead of marching straight to King’s Landing, Dany decides to conquer Slaver’s Bay’s major cities first, granting her the War of Thrones army of slaves and proving herself to be a worthy and just ruler. Daenerys believes she can roll back tyrannical and unjust regimes and replace them with her own brand of democracy. Some achievements are more successful than others, but Daenerys Targaryen’s 2011-2019 Slaver’s Bay Tour was certainly eventful. On her path to dominance, Daenerys employs a wide variety of strategies, ranging from unabated violence to inspiring the populace to take a stand. Here are all the cities Daenerys conquered in War of Thronesand how she captures them.


Daenerys Targaryen with the Immaculate Army

As the wife of Kahl Drogo, Daenerys experiences a rapid rise and fall among the Dothraki, who largely abandon her towards the end of War of Thrones‘ first station. With a handful of supporters, Team Dany arrives in Quarth, where they hope to find the means to invade Westeros, but she is betrayed and barely manages to escape the city with her life. Daenerys Targaryen’s arrival properly begins in War of Thrones season 3, when the Mother of Dragons and her followers arrive in the city of Astapor in Slaver’s Bay. The plan is for Daenerys to use the gold she stole from Quarth to buy Unsullied slave soldiers, also known as War of Thrones army of slaves, but the heroine has other ideas.

The sack of Astapor is arguably the most impressive of all the cities Daenerys conquered in War of Thrones, as well as seeing Daenerys take Meereen, as she utilizes a mix of brute force and cunning cunning to achieve her ambitious goals. The eventual Mad Queen Dany also takes advantage of her unassuming appearance and the element of surprise to gain the upper hand. During her first encounters with the slave master Kraznys, Dany feigns a certain level of innocence, pretending not to speak Valyrian and keeping her cards close to her chest. Against the advice of her advisers, Jorah Mormont and Barristan Selmy, Daenerys agrees to sell her biggest and strongest dragon to the entire Unsullied army – a deal Kraznys readily agrees to, unable to resist the temptation to own a dragon.

Here, Daenerys takes advantage of Kraznys’ possessive mindset. The slave owner doesn’t realize that dragons pay no attention to their “rightful” owner and only follow humans they deem worthy. As such, Dany is able to incinerate the villain alive while keeping her dragon and the Immaculate army of 8,000 men. In a tactical masterstroke of kindness, Daenerys frees the Unsullied, allowing them to choose to follow her, thus ensuring her undying loyalty. To fully take over the city of Astapor, Daenerys orders the Unsullied to kill all the slave owners and free the people – the first liberation on their way to King’s Landing. A ruling council is left in charge, and although slavery soon returns to Astapor, Daenerys’ dragons eventually put an end to the rebellion in Astapor. War of Thrones season 6, restoring order.


Ed Skrein Daario Naharis

the last half of War of Thrones Season 3 takes Daenerys and her new army from Astapor to Yunkai, the next big province in Slaver’s Bay, and the second entry on Dany’s invasion wish list. The city of Yunkai offers a very different challenge than that posed by Astapor and its warrior slaves. Not only was the book character RR Martin quickly becoming infamous, robbing him of his element of surprise, but Yunkai held nothing of value to the would-be Queen of Westeros, meaning the same tactics that brought down Astapor wouldn’t work here.

Rather than strength and cunning, Daenerys’ conquest of Yunkai is achieved in part by good luck, with a healthy dose of opportunism and betrayal. First, Dany meets with Razdal, one of the Masters of Yunkai. Negotiations quickly stall, but Razdal reveals that his city’s strength comes from mercenaries, later revealed to be the Second Sons. Daenerys tries to convince these mercenaries to change their allegiances, but to no avail, and this is where luck plays a hand in Dany’s success. As the Targaryen camp begins planning a sneak attack on the commander of the Second Sons, one of the company’s captains approaches – one Daario Naharis. Helpfully, Darius slaughtered his peers and decided to add the Second Sons to Daenerys’ growing army, mainly because he has a fondness for the Targaryen queen.

Daario also proves to be the missing piece in the puzzle of Yunkai’s liberation, pointing out a weak entry on the outskirts of the city. The newest member of Team Dany leads a small force to kill the slaveholders and free the people, a mission they successfully carry out, leaving Daenerys as the revered “mhysa” of Yunkai. As with Astapor, Yunkai reverts to its old ways after Daenerys’ departure, and although the Queen tries to find diplomatic solutions, such as reopening the fighting pits and a gradual elimination of slavery, they still rebel against her. The fiery breath of Daenerys’ dragon Drogon puts an end to the Yunkai slave master’s rebirth.


Game of Thrones Siege of Meereen

Meereen is arguably the toughest slave town Daenerys conquered in War of Thrones, not necessarily in his capture, but certainly in his keeping. When Dany arrives in Meereen in War of Thrones Season 4, her reputation precedes her and the town is fully awaiting her arrival. Wisely, then, the Khaleesi opts for an entirely new strategy. From the Unsullied and the people of Yunkai, Daenerys learned that the downtrodden would ally with the Targaryen cause if they knew of her strength. From outside the city, Daenerys promises Meereen’s slaves a better life and then sends the previously freed servants’ chains beyond the gates. Gray Worm also infiltrates, inspiring the repressed people of Meereen to revolt against their masters, breaking free rather than trusting the Mother of Dragons. As the battle turns in favor of the slaves, Daenerys enters Meereen, cleanses it and takes control.

For the first time, Daenerys lives in one of her captured cities, quickly learning that there is more to being a ruler than simply invading. In order to consolidate her rule over Slaver’s Bay, Daenerys begins to navigate a political minefield, marrying former slave owner Hizdahl zo Loraq for support and locking up her dragons after the burning of a child. However, Daenerys was unable to stop a full-scale revolt by slave traders from Slaver’s Bay who wanted their old lives back. After the Sons of the Harpy began to wreak havoc in Meereen, slave fleets from Astapor and Yunkai joined their allies in Volantis to attack Meereen and finish off Daenerys once and for all. Backed by a new Dothraki army and their reinvigorated dragons, Daenerys quells the rebellion with brute force and leaves Daario in charge of Slaver’s Bay as she makes her way to Westeros.

Porto Real

An aerial view of King's Landing from Game of Thrones

A slightly less diplomatic approach, this one. The Battle of King’s Landing is the last major event in War of Thrones, and a very different fight for Daenerys Targaryen. Queen Cersei Lannister’s forces were well prepared and well armed, with King’s Landing itself built to withstand invasion. Cersei also had powerful allies and, as Tyrion rightly pointed out, the citizens were too scared to rebel against their ruler, as the people of Meereen had previously done. These factors left Daenerys with only one option for taking King’s Landing: a head-on battle.

Dany’s strategy begins by using Drogon to wipe out the naval forces of Euron Greyjoy, who had already managed to kill one of her trio of dragons. Mounted on her most formidable beast, Daenerys commands “Dracarysinto the wall-mounted defenses of King’s Landing, leaving the city under siege. Drogon then joins Targaryen ground forces to repel Cersei’s mercenary soldiers, the Golden Company, creating an opening to enter the city itself. Jon Snow leads the infantry across King’s Landing, cutting his way through the Lannister soldiers and forcing a swift and direct surrender. However, that’s not good enough for Daenerys.

Angered by Jon’s challenge to her legitimacy and the multiple betrayals she has suffered since arriving in Westeros, Daenerys’ ambition for total conquest overwhelms her, and she decides on the only way to truly to take King’s Landing is to level the city with dragon flames. By slaying enemies and innocents alike, Daenerys wins the Iron Throne, but her brutal tactics proved to be her undoing – she was murdered by Jon Snow and replaced by Bran Stark. The sacking of King’s Landing was the most controversial moment in a final season widely criticized for War of Throneswith many viewers feeling that Daenerys Targaryen’s heel turn has jumped the shark.

Daenerys Conquest Shows How Powerful the Targaryens Are

Emma D'Arcy as Rhaenyra Targaryen in House of the Dragon and Emilia Clarke as Daenerys in Game of Thrones

dragon house is centered on the Targaryen clan and their reign over Westeros, over 200 years before the events of War of Thrones🇧🇷 which HotD proved is that the Targaryens are a powerful family, even without their dragons. While HotD it still didn’t show the family conquering new lands, instead focusing on the infighting dynamic that leads to A Dance with Dragons, it showed what George RR Martin’s world is like under their rule, including how much influence they have. Daenerys proved that only one Targaryen could bring down all of Westeros, and through her, the legacy of people like Rhaenyra lived on.

While the issue of lustful Targaryen incest is the clan’s most widely criticized tradition, there may be something on their minds. Aegon the Conqueror started the royal line when he accomplished his namesake and took the vast lands for his own. Since their reign, they’ve kept it in the family to keep the bloodline pure, but there may be more to the Targaryens themselves than the bloodline. The Targaryens have proven that they are a larger than life family, capable of great and terrible things that affect dozens of people. By maintaining the bloodline, they likely believe they are keeping their supernatural powers intact. After all, dragons only seem to bond with their families, which suggests something magical in and of itself – something that breeds outside of the family can become diluted. Contrary to the power/purity relationship imagined between Jaime and Cersei Lannister portrayed in War of Thrones🇧🇷 dragon house it may have proved that there’s a reason the Targaryens intermarried and reproduced within the family, and the cities Daenerys conquered only emphasized how powerful they are.

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