Anne Hathaway turns 40 | What happened to the Oscar-winning actress’ career?

Oscar winner and with yet another nomination for the highest film award under her belt, the young star Anne Hathaway turns 40 this November 12th.

Hathaway was on top of the world as one of the “owners” of Hollywood in the middle of the last decade. Since then, however, her career seems to have gone off the rails. There are at least five consecutive productions that have become critical and/or box office failures starring the talented actress in the last five years, without Hathaway get a single success in that time. So, here in our new article, we will revisit the career of this renowned performer and take a closer look at her wrong choices in recent years. Check it out below.

Anne Jacqueline Hathaway is a native of Brooklyn, New York, and began her screen career in 1999 alongside Jesse Eisenberg on the Serie Realizing (Get Real), at 17 years old. The program did not succeed and was canceled after its first season, but the fate of Hathaway was outlined and she went on to star in what would be the gateway to fame: the infantile Princess’ diary (2001), by Disney – which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year. With this we can see that Hathaway has been active on the big screen for two decades, making her one of the most experienced names of her generation.

Three years after her revelation, and the actress was still “stuck” in innocent roles in productions aimed at the whole family, such as an enchanted girl and the continuation of Princess’ diary🇧🇷 It was also around this time, in 2004, that Hathaway, a highly rated soprano from New York, was in contention for the role of Christine in the musical. The Phantom of the Opera (2004), from Joel Schumacherbut scheduling conflicts made her give up the character, which ended up in the hands of Emmy Rossum🇧🇷

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To avoid stereotypes in children’s characters, Hathaway decided to dare and demonstrate that she was already a woman, and no longer a girl – as Hollywood saw her at the time. Thus, in 2005 came riskier and more dramatic roles in works such as aimless girls (where he faced his first nude scenes) and The Secret of Brokeback Mountain – both performances garnering praise for the actress. After the new attack came the second major turning point in Anne Hathaway’s career: The devil Wears Prada (2006) – film in which he acted alongside the flawless Meryl Streep and for which she is still remembered today. The feature became a phenomenon and would serve to mark the great success of the actress’s career – perhaps even today.

The performance range of Anne Hathaway it was open and she was still facing challenging characters. From there it was a step towards his first nomination for the highest award in cinema, the Oscar, which occurred at the age of 27, ten after his debut on the small screen, in 2009 with Rachel’s Weddingwhere she plays a troubled young woman who lives in and out of rehab clinics, and needs to stay “clean” and out of trouble for her older sister’s marriage.

Superstar status skyrocketed from there, and soon Anne Hathaway was everywhere, whether as a gimmick in comedies and novels (see War brides🇧🇷 comings and goings of love, Love and Others drugs and One day), dubbing in famous animations (see River) or as part of blockbuster productions (Alice in Wonderland, by Tim Burton). And on this climb we can say that the actress sat on top of the world in 2012; first for being elected the new Catwoman of the cinema, succeeding the incomparable Michelle Pfeiffer – but not only that, as it would enter the highly prestigious universe of dark Knight created by Christopher Nolan, at the conclusion of the trilogy in The dark Knight Rises🇧🇷 And the best part, Hathaway didn’t do badly in the skin of the anti-heroine. In the same year, thinner and haggard (having lost weight for the role), the star would deliver the performance that would earn her an Oscar victory, as the suffering Fantine in the operatic musical The miserable🇧🇷

It would have been Anne Hathaway, like so many before her, a victim of the so-called “Oscar curse”? Well, not necessarily, since after her victory, the star continued in productions that became critical and/or public success – some of which are still praised today, such as Interstellar (in a new partnership with nolan) and a Mr Intern (a The devil Wears Prada in reverse). The actress’ career would start to go off the rails more or less five years ago, in 2016. During this period, she would participate in the continuation of Alice in Wonderland (Alice Through the Looking Glass), blockbuster that almost nobody paid attention to, and Colossal, a high-concept drama that mixes indie cinema with giant monster movies. The idea is good, but it resulted in a feature that was little seen and quickly forgotten.

The worst was yet to come, however. After the at least lukewarm reception (not to say cold) and the lack of rapport from the heavyweight cast in Eight Women and a Secret (2018) – All-female reimagining of the franchise Eleven men and a secret -, which made the possibility of a sequel drain down the drain; Hathaway would feel the weight of the year 2019 on his career. First the star would carry out the incomprehensible lull – pseudo noir thriller that promised an interesting premise, but would yield the most negatively rapturous turn in recent years; not for less becoming one must on lists of the worst of recent times. Then it would be the turn of the reshoot without energy, without soul, without heart, without gas and, worst of all, dull The Cheaters – reformulation of the naughty ones (1988), which once again replaces the male cast with the female one, and puts Hathaway in yet another partnership without any chemistry (this time with Rebel Wilson) and in an extremely forced and disinterested performance.

With three flops in a row, the career of Hathaway been taking damage and not even good movies like The Price of Truth would make it take a new breath – especially here because this is a vehicle for Mark Ruffalo, in which many do not even remember the participation of the actress. Hathaway, unfortunately, would have no room to maneuver – as he would go ahead with projects like The Last Thing He Wanted – shunned by critics (again appearing on many worst lists) and snubbed by audiences – the cult remake witch convention (also ignored, even though he was directed by the prestigious Robert Zemeckis🇧🇷 and ending (so far) the “black cloud” phase, locked down – the film “about confinement”, which we showed during social isolation due to Covid-19. The pioneering idea to talk about the topic, a release for HBO Max, resulted in another shoulder shrug from the public and disdain from the critics.

In this period of “lean cows” for his filmography, one of the few successes was the episode “Take me as I am, Whoever I am” from the series modern love (2019), in which Anne Hathaway plays a young woman suffering from disorders resulting from depression.

A tactic that the star could apply in her career to better tame the unpredictability of the results of her productions was the one used by her colleague Reese Witherspoon🇧🇷 Down with her films in the cinema, Witherspoon decided to “get her hands dirty” and through her production company she hand-selected the projects she would be involved in. And for that, the actress had to turn to TV, as good roles for women on the big screen were increasingly scarce. That’s how they were born Big Little Lies🇧🇷 Little Fires Everywhere and The Morning Show – three big hits banked and starring Witherspoon (and great cast) for platforms like HBO, Hulu (in Brazil Amazon) and Apple. With the venture, Witherspoon regained her prestige as one of the current queens of Hollywood and will return to the big screen soon with Legally Blonde 3 full of morals.

Anne Hathaway he has also produced his own feature films, but his choices were for independent cinema works that went unnoticed by the public and did not cause the planned impact (the ignored A song and the quoted Colossal🇧🇷 Soon, Hathaway will be able to try again with The Lifeboat, a dream project for the actress, which she has been trying to get off the ground for some time. Produced and starring her, it is an adaptation of the book by charlotte hogan about a woman going on trial for murder, and recounting her experience as a shipwreck survivor – the problem is that the lifeboat carried too many people. Other than that, it will also be in the next movie of James Graythe director of Ad Astra – Going to the Stars, to be released this year. It’s about the drama Armageddon Timea coming-of-age story set in Queens in the 1980s. May good winds come and bring new life to the career of this talented young actress.

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