Can all Nubank users receive the BRL 300.00 DEPOSIT? Learn how to win!

OuO Nubank is one of the fintechs that offer the most popular financial services across the country. Despite its relatively recent launch, in 2014, Nubank attracted a large number of customers in a short time, both in Brazil and in other Latin American countries.

Thus, in Brazil alone there are more than 63 million customers. A large part of this growth may have occurred due to the fact that fintech offers several advantages to its users, in addition to the credit card with no annual fee. One of those perks is a new promotion that’s running.

Learn more about Nubank’s promotion; customers make guesses and compete for prizes / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Nubank users can receive deposit

First of all, it is important to explain that Nubank users can receive the deposit through a new promotion that fintech is launching.

The promotion is called NuBolão, and is related to the 2022 World Cup, which takes place in Qatar.

Therefore, Nubank customers can make guesses about the outcome of World Cup games and can compete for prizes.

This new action is offering 100 weekly prizes. This promotion is expected to last until the end of the world tournament.

In this way, customers can compete for prizes of R$400. Of this amount, R$300 is cash and R$100 is given as a voucher to spend at McDonalds.

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Prizes may vary

The more guesses the user makes, the more chance he has of winning, according to Nubank.

It is worth remembering that prizes may vary according to the World Cup stage. Therefore, the first three customers in the overall ranking of the group stage can receive, respectively:

  • R$ 20,000 in Nubank boxes;
  • R$ 12,000 in Nubank boxes;
  • Or R$5,000 in Nubank boxes.

In addition, the top three can also win a R$ 3,000 voucher for McDonalds.

And for the overall ranking?

For the general ranking, taking into account the end of the World Cup, Nubank customers will be able to receive, respectively, the following amount, if they occupy the first, second or third place:

  • R$ 60,000 in Nubank boxes;
  • R$ 35 thousand in Nubank boxes;
  • Or R$ 20,000 in Nubank boxes.

In addition, once again, all three of the top three can receive a R$3,000 voucher for McDonalds.

How to participate?

Since November 20th, Nubank customers can already find this feature in the Nubank app.

To participate, however, it is important that the interested party meets some requirements. Thus, in the first place, the person must be the holder of a Nubank account. Furthermore, you must be at least 18 years old.

To start participating in the new promotion, just click on the “NuBolão” option. It is on the main page of the application and appears after login.

Then, the next step is to submit the predictions and hope to get a good rating. And thus be able to receive the deposits.

If the person does not have an account and wants to participate, it is still possible to create an account at the institution.

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