Cara Delevingne appears at gala after videos of her in critical condition circulate on the internet

Last Tuesday, the 27th, Cara Delvingne was seen at a gala event for the first time after videos in which she appears altered from her normal state circulate around the world. Internet, worrying their fans. According to newspaper information DailyMail, the model was at the Karl Lagerfeld brand party, in Paris, France, the celebration was to present her collection in partnership with the company.

Two weeks ago, on September 14th, she did not attend the official launch, which took place during the New York Fashion Week🇧🇷 All these situations combined made the followers of the star of Paper Citybecome distressed and the young woman became one of the most commented names in the twitter and some fan-created Cara videos exploded in the tiktok.

The artist’s family even announced that they would hospitalize her after seeing all the repercussions, especially after Margot Robbie left the model’s house crying, as you saw here on STARRING. Just like when they filmed her barefoot and disheveled going towards Jay-Z’s jet, at an airport in Los Angeles, in the United States. After that, the first time she appeared well was disembarking at the French airport, Charles de Gaulle🇧🇷

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