CCXP22: actors declare love to Brazilian fans on Prime Video panel

With productions that conquered the public at first sight, Prime Video gained space in the daily lives of those who enjoy fantasy🇧🇷 Science fiction🇧🇷 Super heroif more. This Saturday (3/12), the CCXP22 was the meeting point for fans and their favorite actors from series such as The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power🇧🇷 The Wheel of Time🇧🇷 Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and Peripherals🇧🇷

The panel was opened with Ismael Cruz Cordova🇧🇷 Cynthia Addai-Robinson🇧🇷 Sara Zwangobani and Trystan Gravellein The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power🇧🇷 The actors returned all the warmth received by the audience by sending messages of affection and showing a lot of effort when speaking phrases in Portuguese. The cutest!

Ismael Cruz Cordova, who plays the first black elf on the small screen, Arondir, surprised us with his confident Portuguese. “Many years before Rings of Power I already received a lot of love, support and kindness from Brazilian fans. You should also know that there have been many horrible attacks online against me and my character from many parts of the world… But from Brazil, I only received the warmest support”, he declared with great emotion.

Ismael Cruz Cordova on the Prime Video panel at CCXP22
Ismael Cruz Cordova on the Prime Video panel at CCXP22 diegopadilha/Reproduction

The actor also commented on the importance of capoeira for the development of his character. “She is very important for me to be able to bring my heritage to the character – our heritage. I am the first dark elf, we have never seen a dark elf and therefore, we have never seen a black martial art within fantasy”, Ismael completed by saying that capoeira should indeed be considered a martial art and that, like Arondir, other people achieve freedom through it. With so much affection for the country, he also revealed that he is quite confused with Bahians around the world.

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Followed by this exciting chat with the actors of Lord of the Rings: Rings of Powerwho was in thunder stage from CCXP22 gave exclusive teasers of The Wheel of Time and Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryanwhich left fans even more anxious to know the future of some characters.

Chloë Grace Moretz and executive producer Lisa Joyin Peripherals closed the chat with the actors and talked a little more about the newest streaming series – a science fiction that we already love!

Chloe Moretz fondly remembered his old movie Kick-Ass – Breaking Everything and said he was essential for the fight scenes in Peripherals – in which she participates without the use of stunt doubles. Who out there remembers the movie? Chloë also revealed that she bears a resemblance to her character Flynne, the talent for playing video games. call of duty is one of the actress’ favorite games.

And here comes treats for Brazilian fans! Executive producer Lisa Joy commented that she wants to put Brazil in some scenes of season 2. “This country is beautiful and I fell in love with cheese bread”, she commented.Although the 2nd has not yet been confirmed, we are already looking forward to it!

Chloe Grace Moretz, Lisa Joy and presenters on the Prime Video panel at CCXP22
Chloe Grace Moretz, Lisa Joy and presenters on the Prime Video panel at CCXP22 diegopadilha/Reproduction

Finally, the public saw an exclusive teaser of Gen Vthe spinoff of The Boys, which does not yet have an announced release date. Check it out here:

And tomorrow there’s more!

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