Chapter 4 will have Geralt and Doom Slayer skins

Epic Games held, this Saturday (03), the event that ended the “Chapter 3” of Fortnite. Soon after, the publisher revealed a teaser for Chapter 4 of the game, which will bring skins for Geralt of Rivia (The Witcher), Hulk and Doom Slayer (DOOM).

For now, the game is inactive (as is usually the case with chapter changes). However, we already have an idea of ​​the characters that will arrive in the Battle Pass – the title will be back in action this Sunday (04).

The Fortnite event

In the in-game event, the Fortnite island was consumed by an invader in a short cutscene. After that, players entered a gameplay that lasted 30 minutes, where the objective was to renew the map, by merging classic locations with new ones, which should appear in Chapter 4.

There was still room for one more cutscene at the end of it all — the one from the trailer inserted in this article. The heroine Paradigm (voiced by Brie Larson) succeeds in her mission to create the new island with the shards collected by the players. Then characters like Geralt, Hulk, Doom Slayer and even the youtuber “Mr. Beast” appear.

Finally, the art at the end of the video reveals two more characters — one of them being Geno, from the Fortnite/Marvel Zero War comics. Did you like the news? Tell us in the comments!

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