Check out the official note from FFERJ about Cariocão’s broadcasting rights

The Football Federation of the State of Rio de Janeiro, always open to dialogue, says that the broadcasting rights agreement for the 2023 Carioca Championship, captained by Brax Sports Assets, is still under negotiation – both with clubs and broadcasters interested in the product. FERJ’s principle is transparency and common interests debated and decided by its collegiate bodies.

Regrets and repulses the hasty exposure and accusation of “obscurity” in the dealings of the commercial rights of the Campeonato Carioca for moving away from the truth, signed by an affiliate whose presence has been signaled in the respective meetings and exercised his right to speak and vote.

1 – Brax, a solid company in the football market because it is committed to maximizing revenues in a fair and balanced way, has been dealing directly with clubs regarding quotas. In Brax’s view, this phase is ongoing. It is a complex negotiation, with 12 clubs, in which the company seeks a sustainable solution from a financial point of view to bring it to the table.

2 – In the search for understanding, there is knowledge that the football market adopts qualitative criteria to quantitatively differentiate remuneration. This is how it is practiced in the main national competitions in Brazil. Discussions are open.

3 – Botafogo’s official note, surprisingly, is offensive, frivolous and completely far from the truth. FERJ maintains a respectful relationship with all affiliates.

4 – FERJ continues its work of organizing the most charming State Championship in the country, the 2023 Carioca, with the necessary excellence and unity.

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