Chimpanzees become famous online for driving million-dollar cars

There are so many people who dream of driving cool cars, but few succeed. In the middle of this small group, we found a group of chimpanzees that went viral on social networks driving McLarens, Lamborghinis, large SUVs, two-seaters, among other exotic and luxurious cars.

The monkeys are called Sugriva, Vali and Jangada, and belong to a family from the state of South Carolina (USA), which also has other exotic animals, such as tigers, birds and elephants. They are very engaged on social media, but with a noble purpose: raising funds for wildlife conservation.

Monkeys have fun behind the wheel of a McLaren 600LT - Reproduction / Instagram @chimpbrothers - Reproduction / Instagram @chimpbrothers

Monkeys have fun behind the wheel of a McLaren 600LT

Image: Reproduction / Instagram @chimpbrothers

One of the cars they drive with their feet is a Polaris Slingshot, which can fetch up to $34,000 (R$175,000 in direct conversion). The other is a Mercedes CLA 250 AMG (close to BRL 200 thousand, in the used market), while a third is “just” a McLaren 600LT Spider (over BRL 5 million).

But the life of the “sheik of Arabia” does not stop there. They also like to cook, take a dip in the pool, explore the vast garden where they live, play games, among other activities. The interaction with the other animals and the caregivers is daily and super fun.

Famous on platforms such as Youtube, Instagram and TikTok (@myrtlebeachsafari) the videos and publications reached 53 million views. The Instagram targeting chimpanzee content is @chimpbrothers.

The coolest thing about it all is that they accept visitors to meet and play with the animals, in addition to accommodation. The value of the tickets is directed towards the care of the animals and the preservation of the place.

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