Corinthians again thrashes São Bernardo and advances to the final of the Copa Paulista

Corinthians is in the 2022 Copa Paulista final. This Saturday afternoon, the alvinegra team thrashed São Bernardo 6-0, playing at Fazendinha, and advanced in the competition.

After winning the first game 4-0, Timão scored again. The alvinegra team was superior throughout the game and did not have its goal threatened by the visitors. Three goals were scored in the first half and another three in the second half.

Alvinegra schedule: now, Corinthians faces Red Bull Bragantino in the title dispute. The games will be held on December 4th and 11th, with times to be defined.


Faced with the absences and the score already well built in the first game, coach Arthur Elias spared some athletes and sent Corinthians to the field with Paty, Tarciane, Andressa, Yasmim, Lia Salazar, Luana Bertolucci, Jaqueline, Juliete, Grazi, Gabi Portilho and Jheniffer.


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The game

First time

Corinthians needed a minute of play to open the scoring, but had their goal invalidated. The exchange of passes that started with Paty reached Gabi Portilho, who made the move on the right and crossed for Grazi to fill the net. Shirt 7 was offside and the bid was annulled.

Even so, Timão soon really took the lead. A minute later, Gabi Portilho built the play again on the right and crossed again, now from above, for Juliete to score with a header.

The alvinegra team continued to press, even with the good advantage achieved, and fought for possession of the ball. With about 15 minutes left, Gabi Portilho tried to finish from afar, but sent the ball out of bounds. Soon after, however, the number 18 left his goal in the game.

The Corinthian striker received a great pass from Luana, who launched from the left, dominated at the entrance to the area and hit to fill the net. Shortly after, the third goal almost came out, when Jaque launched Juliete on the left and shirt number 6 hit first, but outside.

After the second Corinthians goal, the black and white team saw the visitors react and try to reach the goal twice in a row, but were promptly stopped by Timão’s defensive line.

Before 30, Corinthians increased the score to 3-0 at Fazendinha. Now on the left, Juliete received Luana’s pass and crossed for Jheniffer to dodge the cart and swing the net. Even with the seven goals accumulated on the aggregate score, Timão kept pressing and had another good arrival soon after, now with Grazi.

Already in the final minutes, the alvinegra team had the ball and worked on possession in the exchange of passes, but began to find it difficult to infiltrate the opposing defense. With just over 40, in a Corinthians arrival on the right, Jaque crossed and the ball was partially cleared. Gabi Portilho managed to adjust the ball with his heel and Grazi finished, but was blocked.

In addition, after a corner kick, the ball found Jheniffer at the entrance to the area. The shirt9 dominated with chest, turned and hit with danger, but the ball went out by the bottom line. Thus, the first half ended 3-0 for Corinthians.

Second time

Corinthians returned for the second half with two changes. Jaqueline and Jheniffer left the game for Paulinha and Miracatu to enter.

Less than five minutes in, Timão had their first arrival from a corner kick, when Tarciane tried to deflect the header, but Ceci made the save. Three minutes later, Miracatu had a good chance when he received Luana’s long pass, but the first shot for jersey number 31 went wide.

With just over ten minutes, Arthur Elias changed three times in the team. This time, Diany, Millene and Julia Brito took the place of Lia Salazar, Grazi and Luana. Minutes later, Timão tried again for the goal with Tarciane deflecting it with his head, but now to leave Yasmim in good condition, but the referee called a foul on the move.

With just a few minutes on the field, Millene had the chance to score her first goal in this new spell at Corinthians, but she lost. Gabi Portilho made a good move, invaded the area, dribbled the marker and played for shirt number 14, which isolated the shot over the goal.

Also recently triggered in the game, who did not miss the chance to score was Diany. Miracatu received the ball, made the move inside the area and delayed for shirt 8, who dominated from outside and hit high to score the fourth goal for Corinthians.

Minutes after the goal, coach Arthur Elias moved again. Juliete and Andressa left the field and Tamires and Erika entered. With 28 minutes, a hit rebounds in the opponent’s area and ended up in Miracatu’s finalization, but the defense stopped. Tamires was the left, who tried the kick, but saw the defense move away in a corner.

With 30 minutes played, Gabi Portilho received the deep pass, saw the goalkeeper in advance and tried to cover it, but sent the ball out. In the following minutes, Timão continued to have possession and control of the game without difficulties.

Already in the final minutes, the alvinegra team put the fifth goal on the scoreboard. Miracatu received the pass at speed and saw Tamires in a good position. Shirt number 31 played for the side, which puffed up the net and made it 5 to 0.

The final score, however, still had time to be changed, with Millene. From outside the area, shirt number 14 hit hard and gave the final numbers to the game in what was his first goal on his return to the club. Thus, the game came to an end in a 6-0 defeat by alvinegra.

Corinthians 6 x 0 EC So Bernardo technical sheet

Competition: Paulista Women’s Football Cup
Place: Alfredo Schrig Stadium, So Paulo, SP
Date: December 4, 2022 (Sunday)
Schedule: 16:00 (from Brasilia)
Referee: Pablo Rodrigo Soares de Oliveira
Assistants: Raphael de Albuquerque Lima and Juliana Vicentin Esteves
Goals: Juliete, Gabi Portilho, Jheniffer, Diany, Tamires, Millene (Corinthians)
Yellow cards: Renata, Alice, Amanda Caroline, Ellen Raianny and Nathalia (EC So Bernardo)

CORINTHIANS: Paty; Juliete (Tamires), Andressa (Erika), Tarciane, Yasmim, Luana (Julia Brito), Liana Salazar (Diany), Jaqueline (Paulinha), Grazi (Millene), Gabi Portilho and Jheniffer (Miracatu).
Technician: Arthur Elias

EC SO BERNARDO: Cecilie; Renata, Alice (Michele), Samara, Amanda Caroline, Ellen Raianny (Sheila), Thuany (Roberta), Nathalia (Jeniffer), Kelly, Isabela (Carolina) and Maria Fernanda.
Technician: Eleazar Santiago

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