DC Banner at CCXP Is Good News for Henry Cavill’s Superman

Henry Cavill’s Superman’s return to the DCU is bolstered by DC’s official banner at this year’s CCXP.

Despite Superman’s Henry Cavill have come back in black adam and be able to win a new solo film, according to several renowned sites, Cavill has not yet signed a new general agreement with A.D🇧🇷Warner Bros.🇧🇷 However, DC’s banner on the CCXP this year may indicate that dcnauta studio intends to count on Supercavill in the future.

On the dnauta banner at the event, Henry Cavill’s Superman appears prominently alongside Black Adam from The Rockfrom Wonder Woman Gal Gadotfrom Aquaman’s Jason Momoa and the Batman of Robert Pattinsonas we can see below.

Each hero represents a DC movie, which is named under the characters, and the Superman in the image is associated with the Justice League🇧🇷 The feature itself is not a work that DC likes to remember, due to its failure, but it was the last production in theaters of Superman with Henry Cavill as the protagonist, which indicates that the presence of the Man of Steel in the banner would be more for actor figure than by LJ.

In addition, Cavill had been left out of official DC images of major events with the brand’s presence, such as Comic-Cons and DC Fandome issues.

All in all, Supercavill’s presence on DC’s official banner at CCXP is great news for fans of this version of Superman, as it reinforces that the British actor is indeed returning to the DCU.

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