Did you notice that Wandinha almost never blinks? understand the reason

many viewers of Wandinha realized that the character has a firm and hard expression that barely changes between one scene and another in the series. But there is another detail that may have gone unnoticed by many people: the girl practically never blinks🇧🇷

The idea of ​​doing this came up during the recordings and it all happened ‘by chance’, as revealed by Netflix itself in a publication on Twitter.

“After recording a shot in which Wandinha doesn’t blink, Tim Burton was very happy with the result. And then, he told Jenna Ortega not to blink again in the role of Wandinha. And then, she didn’t blink”, published the platform.

Wandinha (Jenna Ortega) and Mãozinha in a scene from the series Wandinha (Reproduction / Netflix)
Wandinha (Jenna Ortega) and Mãozinha in a scene from the series Wandinha (Reproduction / Netflix)

The only scenes in which Wandinha appears blinking are the moments when the character shows emotional vulnerability, that is, in scenes of great emotion.

The actress, in turn, also commented on the subject during an interview she gave to Teen Vogue magazine. She said she was able to handle Tim Burton’s demands as a director during the series’ filming process.

“The thing about blinking is that I didn’t realize I was doing it. This kind of happened by chance, because every time we started filming, I would ‘reset’ my face. It was kind of intimidating.”

Jenna Ortega as Wandinha Addams in Wandinha
Jenna Ortega as Wandinha Addams on Wandinha (Netflix © 2022)

Tim Burton Doesn’t Really Like Eye Winks

Strange as it may seem, the director said he doesn’t like eye blinks and this wasn’t the first time he asked an actress not to blink during the recording of a movie.

In an interview, he stated, “I don’t really like winks. And I don’t even know why.”

When did you participate in the movies? Home for Peculiar Children and Night shadowsactress Eva Green was instructed by the director to “keep your eyes wide open” during the recordings.

The first season of Wandinha, with Jenna Ortega in the lead role, is now available in its entirety on Netflix.

Jenna Ortega as Wanda Addams in Wandinha
Jenna Ortega as Wanda Addams in Wandinha (Disclosure / Netflix)

What is the series about? Wandinha?

The attraction was released on November 23 and tells the story of the eldest daughter of Gomez and Morticia Addams. She has psychic abilities and can never fit into any mainstream school. For this reason, she is enrolled at Escola Nunca Mais, where her parents studied and met.

The place is known for receiving ‘weird’ students who don’t fit in with ‘standard’ people. There, Wandinha makes friends and several enemies. She is still caught in the middle of a mystery that has to do with a monster and a murder that connects with her parents.

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