Distant Brazilians, Argentines with the people: differences of idols in Qatar – 04/12/2022

Identification with your supporters, with your society and with your people depends a lot on maintaining your roots.

I’m talking about the idols of world football these days, especially those who defend their national teams.

I will not try to compare eras or idols from many countries. I’m just going to take Brazilians and Argentines, according to what I’m seeing here in Qatar.

First, the Argentine national team is very close and has a lot of identification with its fans, both those who are here giving a show and those who didn’t come.

And that doesn’t mean they are free from criticism and charges. But at every game, all the time, I see a participating Argentine crowd.

I also see Argentine idols along with the fans on stadium chairs, singing and vibrating, because they are just like them. Juan Pablo Sorín, Hérnan Crespo, Gabriel Batistuta, Esteban Cambiasso and Javier Zanetti, all of whom have played for big teams in Europe and played in more than one Cup, are with the crowd, supporting the team.

Meanwhile, our former players are sitting next to FIFA leaders and Qatari authorities, expressing themselves as they feel, that is, different from the Brazilian people and fans.

Brazilians don’t mix, while Argentines never stopped being fans. There are videos and images floating around the internet with former Argentine players that are quite emotional. And there are also videos and images of former Brazilian players that are shocking due to their arrogance and distance from our people.

Kaká, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo watch Brazil vs Switzerland in the Qatar Cup - Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images - Robbie Jay Barratt - AMA/Getty Images

Kaká, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo watch Brazil v Switzerland in the Qatar Cup

Image: Robbie Jay Barratt – AMA/Getty Images

Our former players were world champions in 2002; theirs, won nothing with the Argentine national team. Ours feel superior to the people; theirs, feel part of it.

Perhaps we will have this South American classic full of rivalry in the semifinal of the Cup, in case the two teams go through their opponents.

If we arrive, we will arrive with the arrogance of current and former Brazilian players. While they will bring together the current and former players with the Argentine fans.

The Brazilian players, at the invitation of Ronaldo Fenômeno, went on break to eat gold-plated barbecue. The Argentines, in periods of rest, focus on the Cup.

The Brazilian players were rested against Cameroon, and we lost because they were on the edge of physical exhaustion (according to what Tite said at the press conference). The Argentines, on the other hand, played all the matches (only with technical and tactical changes) and are already in the quarterfinals.

I just made a comparison of idol behavior, but that doesn’t mean that one team has an advantage over the other, or one will be champion and the other won’t because of that.

I want to make it clear that I am not demanding equal behavior between Brazilians and Argentines. Each person does what he wants, but I wanted to show the difference between two idols from two countries.

Human behavior interests me. And, for a few decades now, the arrogance of our football has reached unhealthy levels.

I just wanted to write about it because the image of former Argentine players with former players of ours, like Kaká, Cafu, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo are completely conflicting in reality.

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