Dorival Jr vented to a journalist and created controversy within Flamengo after resignation

Dorival Jr.
Dorival Jr.

O Flamengo chose not to renew with Dorival Junior, even if the coach won two extremely important titles and directly helped in the recovery in 2022🇧🇷 As a result, the board is already in very advanced conversations with Victor Pereirawho claimed family problems and left the Corinthians recently. This situation sparked revolt in Grandchildwhich raised the tone.

“I called Dorival Júnior… I’m sorry, Dorival Júnior, I’ll have to speak this time… I called Dorival, I say “woodpecker”. I said: “Woodpecker, what happened?”he replied: “Grandson, they don’t call me anymore”. And on November 17th, they hired Vítor Pereira”revealed presenter, who did not stop there and brought more information.

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“How do I know the date, huh?! November 17 they signed Vítor. And then Vítor went to Bahia, and Marcos Braz went to Salvador🇧🇷 hired the Victor Pereira🇧🇷 I won’t speak yet (all I have to say) until I sign. I will only talk about him when he signs”, said the former number 10 of the Corinthiansin the program Baita Amigos, from Band.

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Very disgusted in your program, Grandchild stated, “I’m going to wipe out a lot of people. I will break. We always protect people when they do a good job, but Judas… that’s enough Judas, right?… But a coach has little morals, a football club has little morals”, in a threatening tone, bringing negative comments from fans on the web, while others do not disagree with the communicator’s position.

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