Fans extend a flag at the hospital and hold a vigil for Pelé

A group of supporters mobilized to appear in front of Albert Einsten Hospital, in São Paulo, for a vigil for Pelé this morning (4). At the age of 82, the King of Football has been hospitalized at the site since Tuesday (29) due to treatment for colon cancer, diagnosed in September last year, and also has a respiratory infection.

The first fans of the Brazilian idol arrived at the space around 10 am. An hour later, came the caravan bringing supporters from Baixada Santista. In all, about 100 people were present around the hospital.

The vigil was called by Torcida Jovem do Santos, Pelé’s former club, which also invited supporters from other teams to support the King. Some parents also brought their children to pay their respects.

Fans spread a large banner with Pelé’s face on the sidewalk and lit candles, expressing their solidarity with Pelé’s health condition. The vigil is taking place outside the hospital’s oncology ward. Posters with the phrase “Long live the King” were pasted around and the group also made a human prayer rope.

“This was an action to make a simple homage to our King Pelé. Our purpose here is not to show off. We came here to, from the heart, emanate energies positive to our King for everything he has done for world football and for Santos. It is very important for the world to know this”, said Jefferson Silvano, president of the organization.

“The tributes are sincere, always honest. And we never deny that we are Pelé’s widows, with great pride”, added Cosmo Damião, one of the founders of Torcida Jovem.

cord - Gabriel dos Santos/UOL - Gabriel dos Santos/UOL

Fans form a cordon in vigil for Pelé, in front of the Albert Einstein Hospital, in São Paulo

Image: Gabriel dos Santos/UOL

Pele’s Health

The King’s state of health generated concern this week after it was published that he had his treatment suspended for the fight against colon cancer, as his body no longer reacted to chemotherapy, and he began to receive palliative care – aiming to offer quality of life and relieve suffering of patients with incurable diseases. The information was initially released by Folha de S.Paulo and confirmed by the UOL🇧🇷

The latest medical bulletins from the hospital, thankfully, were reassuring. Yesterday’s document (3) released by Albert Insten stated that Pelé is stable and that he showed a good response to treatment against the respiratory infection.

fan - Gabriel dos Santos/UOL - Gabriel dos Santos/UOL

Santos supporter during a vigil in front of Albert Einsten Hospital, where Pelé is hospitalized

Image: Gabriel dos Santos/UOL

“For us Santos, paying homage to the King was something we did”, Marcos Bispo dos Santos, 66 years old, told UOL. “He is our identity, our blood, our race. Talking about the King is not difficult, it’s easy. For the person he was, and that he is, for football. for him to get better”, he added.

Wearing a new Santos shirt personalized with Pelé’s name and number, the fan was moved when talking about the treatment. “King, you’ve fought many battles. This one, who knows, the most difficult. I hope you come out of this with a lot of strength and good health. Long live the King”, concluded Marcos.

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