Flamengo interrupts agreement procedures by broadcasting Carioca games

Vasco and Botafogo, now managed by American executives, withdrew from the agreement signed by their representatives in Brazil.

And they decided not to accept the quota of BRL 9 million (in fact, BRL 10 million, minus 10% of the Federation’s quota) offered by Ferj / Brax for the open TV transmission of the “Cariocão 2023” games.

The reason for the retreat was the settlement of a double quota between Flamengo and the entity, in relation to the amount paid to the other big ones.

Josh Wander, president of 777 Partners, majority shareholder of SAF Vasco da Gama, and John Textor, owner of Eagle Holdings, majority shareholder of SAF alvinegra, did not like the way Ferj and its agency (Brax) conducted the deal.

And they announced in an official note that the “acceptance” given in the proposed terms will not be taken forward.

Brax, which entered into a partnership with Ferj for five years, had already received the “okay” from both clubs to negotiate with those interested in the rights.

Before going to market, the agency personally negotiated with each major club in search of an agreement.

Botafogo and Vasco nodded, but Flamengo and Fluminense did not.

With regard to the eight small ones, acceptance was collective.

The signature gives the proponent the power to represent the acceptor in exchange for credit to be paid by the former.

The role legitimizes the agency in charge of negotiating rights, but has no contractual effect.

For this reason, Botafogo and Vasco talk about, if necessary, going to court to guarantee their rights.


Landim was invited to lunch with Rubens Lopes, the president of Ferj, on the day he left for Qatar, on the eve of the opening of the World Cup.

The Flamengo top hat explained that he could not accept an offer of R$ 9 million two years after having rejected a proposal from Rede Globo twice as high.

Lopes understood the reason and matched the amount refused in 2020.

But with the publication of the blog about the differentiated agreement, Vasco and Botafogo complained about the lack of transparency and will not comply with the acceptance.

Faced with so much controversy, Rodolfo Landim, from Qatar, ordered that the formalization of the agreement with Ferj / Brax be interrupted.

Ferj’s communication department reported that the entity, for the time being, will not manifest itself.

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