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André Janones: one more card in the election deck, but in the virtual field

empire of lie

premiered in July, on the platform Star +the film “Lie Influencer”with the actress Zoey Deutch (pictured right) playing Danni Sanders, an aspiring writer with no direction, no friends and no love life who, in her eagerness to increase her influence on social media, pretends to take a trip to Paris to post.

For good connoisseur, the light comedy is configured, in fact, as an acidic criticism of the unthinkable attitudes that someone can have in order to become the next internet influencer.

As we are in election period, I remembered that famous and “unpretentious” video of a young man “making fun” by teaching how to shave unprintable parts. He managed to make his banality viral and, like any good opportunist, surfed the bizarre wave in the political debate and became a parliamentarian. Look at the risk we once again run!

In recent interview, the media psychiatrist Ana Beatriz Barbosa Silva, a reference in behavior and mental disorders, commented on research that points out that Brazilians stay around eight hours a day, that is, a working day on the web, especially on social networks. This was before the pandemic.

He was exhaustive: 90% what you see on these platforms are lies, constructions to be presented as real. “Everyone creates what they want to be and it will get much worse with the metaverse”, she anticipates, referring from the fashion blogger to the candidate on his walks in the periphery to which he will never return.

It is in this tiredness of the formula fake personasbut doing the opposite way, which gains national dimension the virtual performance of the federal deputy André Janones🇧🇷 The miner, affiliated with the Forwardwithdrew from his candidacy for president and supports, but with conceptual reservations, the campaign of Lula🇧🇷 It has been guiding public opinion, a kind of Anita with pants and with clear reflections on the scenery.

In this Wednesday, stopped the podosphere with his participation in the Twitter Space Secret Roomin a conversation where the son of a maid who managed to become a lawyer and deputy exudes his truth, without strings attached, without verbal make-up, without intellectual pedance and speaking from a place neither above nor below, but beside the interlocutor.

Alert at the Highland to the opponent in a field where Carlos Bolsonaro and team reigned unhindered. With one difference: the voter of 2022 he is much more experienced and aware of network content, fake news and other signs of this time… Like it or not, Janones will still give a lot to talk about… and it is also in the real world.

New phase

Leon Cabral (Procurement Director), Daniela Cabral (CEO of Acal), Cabral Neto (Business Director) and Tiago Cabral (Strategic Planning Executive)(Photo: Disclosure)

Photo: Disclosure
Leon Cabral (Procurement Director), Daniela Cabral (CEO of Acal), Cabral Neto (Business Director) and Tiago Cabral (Strategic Planning Executive)

With 67 years in the market, Acal today presents its expansion plan. Among the novelties, it announces its new organizational structure, with Daniela Cabral as CEO of the Group, alongside Cabral Neto (Business Director), Leon Cabral (Procurement Director) and Tiago Cabral (Strategic Planning Executive). From now on, the company has a Board, with Marlene Cabral, wife of founder Raimundo Cabral (in memoriam) as chairman of the Board of Partners. Ritelza Cabral heads the Family Council and Gilberto Costa heads the Advisory Council.


Adão Linhares - Founder and director of Grupo Energo(Photo: Disclosure)

Photo: Disclosure
Adão Linhares – Founder and board member of Grupo Energo

Founder and Advisor to Energy Group🇧🇷 Adam Linhares celebrates 15 years of operation of the renewable energy company, announcing a growth plan that should place the company, in up to three years, throughout the Northeast and, in the next five, in twenty Brazilian states. There is also the prospect of reaching other markets in Latin America in the next decade.


Ophthalmologist Abelardo Targino holds the Macula Symposium today (Photo: Disclosure)

Photo: Disclosure
Ophthalmologist Abelardo Targino holds the Macula Symposium today

medical required ophthalmologist Abelardo Targino coordinate today Hotel Oasis Atlântico and open to all, another edition of Macula Symposium🇧🇷 This year, the event will discuss hereditary retinal diseases and will be attended by ophthalmologists Juliana Sallumfrom Sao Paulo, Rosane Rezende and Gioavanna Provenzano, from Rio de Janeiro. More information: (85) 98879-1445.


Zoey Deutch (Photo: Disclosure)

Photo: Disclosure
Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch parading her half-teen, half-fatal style on the red carpets of life. character in the movie “Lie Influencer” has earned the actress invitations to interviews about social networks and their toxic character towards young people, above all.

Film-maker Quinn Shepharddeclared about the production: “The film is very inspired by the cultural moment we are in, functioning as a form of fusion of all the madness that we absorb daily when we are online”, said the director, whose filmography brings, as a brand, dramas from adolescence in their school and interpersonal relationships.

To celebrate

Beloved in the many circles through which he circulates, businessman Sacha Jucá gathered friends again for their traditional birthday lunch. meeting was at Coconut Bamboo Varjotafollow presences…


Point: beach club Other Beachat the cumbuco, attracting the cool ones. Cláudio Nelson, Camila Lima, Renata Zeidan, among those present last weekend.

For the joy of grandparents Gyna and Randal Pompeuthe baby Luiz Randal, son of Theo Randal and Tatiana🇧🇷

like the european summerHelano Nogueira and Lara, Marcelo Franco and Bianca, Pedro Fiúza and Lara.

Walking through big AppleTayra Romcy and Leo Aguiar.

Scheduled from September 16th to 25th the 4th edition of National Crafts and Culture Fair (Fenacce)🇧🇷 Shopkeepers registered in Buyer Project have advantages. Registration at

fecommerce receives today the ambassadors of the republics of Cape Verde, Guinea Bissau, Mozambique and Burkina Faso to present about the economic potentials of Ceará and possible synergies with the countries.

See you tomorrow.

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