How France’s player broke the rule for nearly 42 minutes against Poland in the World Cup and what should have happened to him

Defender Jules Koundé, from France, played for most of the first half wearing a gold cord, which is prohibited

This Sunday (4), during the first half of the match between France and Polandthrough the round of 16 of the world Cup of qatara scene caught attention at Al Thumama Stadium. At 41 minutesthe referee Jesus Valenzuela stopped the game, before a kick-in, so that the French defender Jules Koundé to take a gold chain from around his neck.

And the attitude of the Venezuelan referee has a reason. According to rule number 4 of the regulations of the International Football Association Board (IFAB)“the use of any type of jewelry (necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, leather or plastic ribbons, etc.)” by players during games is prohibited, since the article is on the list of considered objects ” dangerous” for the practice of football.

Including, the same rule says that, in each appointment, “the players must be inspected before the start of the game, and the substitutes before entering”, something that did not happen, since Koundé played for almost 42 minutes using the cord🇧🇷 It is not even permissible for such objects to be covered with tape or other materials.

Still according to the regulation, the referee should have ordered, as soon as possible, the French defender to remove the article in question or leave the field, during an interruption, in case the athlete could not remove it with the ball rolling.

The defender, who acts for the barcelona, he even ran the risk of being warned with a yellow card by the referee, since he continued with the object even after the opening whistle of the match. However, most likely, as the use of the cord was only noticed later, this did not happen.

A few minutes after the stoppage for the defender to remove the cord, France opened the scoring, the 44 minutes, with Olivier Giroudwho made it 1-0 after assisting Kylian Mbappe🇧🇷

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