How old is your Gmail account? Check the date it was created

Google has been in the market for 24 years and since its inception we have been using its services, whether for search, email or photos. It’s been so long that many people don’t even know when they started using the company’s tools. However, it is important to know the date you created your Google account and we will explain why.

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Knowing when you created your account can be paramount to preventing you from losing access to it. Even if you forget your password, don’t have a secondary email or are far away from a cell phone with access to your Google account, knowing its creation date can save you from losing your important documents, photos and emails.

Step by step to find out the date of creation of your Google account!

1st method: Welcome email

The moment you create your Google account, you will receive a welcome email in your Gmail inbox. By its date, you can even find out the time you joined this IT giant.

To find it, you can search for “welcome” in your Gmail, or go to the bottom page of your inbox. Surely the message will be there. That is, if you haven’t deleted it before.

2nd method: POP settings

If this is the case, you can resort to the POP settings. To do this, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of your Gmail. Choose to see all settings and then go to “Forwarding and POP/IMAP”.

Where it says “Download POP” it should have the following sentence: “POP is activated for all emails that have arrived since…”. The date completing the sentence is the creation date of this email.

3rd method: Google Takeout

This is perhaps the most complicated method of the three. Google Takeout is a service that you can use to export all of your Google data into many different formats. Among everything you can access in these files is the date of creation of your account.

The first step is to enter the Takeout page, which you can access by clicking here🇧🇷 All data collected by your Google account will appear. First, click on “Deselect All”. Only then select “E-mail” and “Next Step”, below.

Now, you will choose the file type, frequency and destination for your data. You can choose to receive a download link in your email, or add the file to one of these cloud backup services: Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box.

Below, you choose if you want a single export for everything or if you want to split it by monthly periods. Then the type and size. You can receive a .zip or .tgz file and select a maximum size for it.

Finally, select “Create Export” and wait for your files.

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