Infectologist warns of risk of heart attack and stroke after contamination by Covid-19

With more than 500 Omicron subvariants and the relaxation of social distancing measures, the possibilities for the emergence of variants that escape vaccines increase

EFE/Andre CoelhoMan wears gray shirt while performing Covid-19 test
Numbers indicate an increase in the number of tests carried out for the detection of Covid-19 in recent weeks and a rise in the positivity rate

THE World Health Organization calculated this week that about 90% of the world’s population has some level of immunity to Covid-19, although it warned of the threat of a new variant. According to the director general of the WHO, humanity is much closer to the end of the emergency phase of the pandemic. The executive also warned that the reduction in vigilance is opening the doors to a new variant of the virus that could overcome Ômicron. Currently, there are more than 500 subvariants of the omicron and all are highly transmissible. The team of Morning newspaper spoke with infectologist Raquel Stucchi, who explained how immunization to the coronavirus works. “Does 90% have any protection? What does that mean? That 90% of people have already had exposure to the virus either through the vaccine that gave protection or through the disease. Many of them had both, were vaccinated and got sick. That’s not a fantastic sign. If 90% of people get chickenpox, no one gets chickenpox twice, but with Covid-19 we saw that this is not the case, protection decreases over time. Much of the protection that our organism produces, we still don’t know exactly what role and how much it protects. This just shows that people have already had contact, but this does not give peace of mind for people to believe that they have protection and can be careless, ”she warned. The specialist also pointed out that the lack of surveillance, when trying to block transmission and make the diagnosis of new variants, makes the population run the risk of developing a new variant that escapes the already existing vaccines. “Even those who have a mild condition, the flu, can have consequences even in the next six months after the infection. It increases the risk of heart attack and stroke. Covid-19, it’s better not to get it ”, she pointed out.

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