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The JBL Wave 300TWS is a Bluetooth headphone that was launched in the first quarter of 2022. The little gadget has very attractive specifications, such as 12 mm drivers, noise reduction technology and one-touch control of functions. The model can be a good buy during the promotions that take place at the end of the year.

When it arrived in Brazil, its average value was R$499. Now, it is possible to find it at a lower price on the Amazon website, around R$429. TechAll prepared with the technical sheet and the pros and cons of the JBL Wave 300TWS.

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Discover the specifications of the JBL Wave 300TWS — Photo: Disclosure/JBL

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JBL Wave 300TWS battery promises six hours of continuous use and another 20 hours in the case — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

The battery in the JBL Wave 300TWS headset is one of the main attractions of the small gadget. That’s because the brand promises six hours of duration in continuous use and up to 20 hours of charge for the case. That is, if the battery runs out in the middle of the day, it is possible to place it to recharge on the support and return to normal use later.

This feature is a highlight, as many headphone models have poor battery life. This leaves users dissatisfied, especially those who like to use the accessory for long hours.

JBL Wave 300TWS headphone ensures reduction of external sounds — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

Another interesting feature of the JBL Wave 300TWS is the noise reduction technology. Mainly present in headsets, this function ensures that the small gadget makes stereo voice calls, without any type of external sound disturbing video calls, voice calls and other situations.

It is important to note that JBL promises noise reduction, but not total cancellation of external sounds. It is possible that very loud noises still affect the experience a little, which is normal for models that offer this type of technology.

JBL Wave 300TWS headphones offer 12 mm drivers and promise good sound quality — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

Without a doubt, the main attraction of the JBL Wave 300TWS is the sound quality. For lovers of movies and series, just put on the headphones to experience the scenes that pass on the cell phone screen. With 12 mm drivers, the company promises that the user will feel immersed in the sound. Good bass and treble performance should make the consumer experience very real.

JBL Wave 300TWS has IPX2 protection — Photo: Disclosure/JBL

Since not everything is perfect, there are some caveats regarding the JBL Wave 300TWS. The first of them is the IPX2 protection, which only supports sweat splashes without any kind of damage. People who get rain on the street while using the gadget may have problems with the headset.

In addition, the company does not specify the type of protection against dust or other external agents. This can also be a problem, especially when the user goes to places like the beach or city centers.

Currently, the JBL Wave 300TWS headset costs around R$ 429 on Amazon — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

Although there are some more expensive models on the Brazilian market, the price of the JBL Wave 300TWS is still a bit steep. More robust headsets with extra settings are in this average value, which can leave consumers with a flea behind their ear.

When choosing the perfect model, the user must take into account the comparison of values ​​and analyze whether the pros are really worth it. Otherwise, it may be that choosing another headset is a smarter decision for the moment.

JBL Wave 300TWS headphones have only one size option — Photo: Disclosure / JBL

One last con that the JBL Wave 300TWS has is the lack of size options. As it is an earphone, it may not fit perfectly for some users. During the practice of sports, this type of situation is quite uncomfortable, as the consumer needs to adjust the gadget in the ear all the time.

The size promises to be universal, but that doesn’t guarantee it will be perfect for your ear. Therefore, it is worth looking at the reviews of people who have already bought a headset and understand whether this problem is an impediment or not.

JBL Wave 300TWS data sheet

JBL Wave 300TWS

Specifications JBL Wave 300TWS
Launch 2022
Price BRL 429
Weight 7.7g per earbud
connectivity Bluetooth 5.2
driver 12 mm
handset battery 6 hours
case battery 20 hours

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