Júlio Lancelotti criticizes ostentation of players for eating ‘golden meat’ – 12/04/2022

The video in which the former player Ronaldo appears together with at least two athletes from the Brazilian national team, Vinicius Jr. and Éder Militão, in a restaurant in Qatar, eating meat plated with 24 carat gold, valued at R$ 9,000, left Father Júlio Lancellotti nonconformist. A member of the Pastoral do Povo de Rua, from São Paulo, he told the column that “the scene is shocking and questioning within the context of what is lived not only in Qatar, but in the whole world, and what is lived here in Brazil” .

Padre Júlio recorded his indignation on Twitter, where he published a video of the players in the restaurant, along with the word “shame”.

To those who comment that “it’s their money, they make the money they want”, or comment “they deserve it, it’s the money they earned honestly, they can use it for whatever they want”, the priest replies: ” It’s the meritocratic way of thinking, it’s the way of thinking of neoliberal and individualist thinking. What we have to work on is an ethical sense”.

For the religious, the scene is inappropriate. “It is scandalous in a country where 33 million people live in hunger, in a world where millions of people starve and die from malnutrition and in a country like Qatar, where there is immense poverty and great inequality. such ostentation,” he criticizes.

“Ethically it is not acceptable. Why film it and show it? Why live it? To film it and show it”, he observes. “It would be a much more supportive gesture if they all shared.”

It’s not a question of judgment, guarantees Father Júlio. “None of us can judge the others and I have no elements or authority to judge any of them, but objectively it is a situation that draws attention, which aggravates the image that one has of inequality, indifference and ostentation”, he laments.

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