Kaya Scodelario comments on the explicit content of “Euphoria” and surprises by mocking her participation in “Skins”; watch

Kaya Scodelario revealed that she had an unusual opinion about the hit “Euphoria”, from HBO – until she remembered her own work on the series “Skins”, which aired from 2007 to 2013. In a video published on TikTok this Monday (25) , the actress confessed that she was shocked by the content of Sam Levinson’s production.

“Watching ‘Euphoria’ for the first time, thinking this is crazy for a 17 year old and then remembering what I was doing on TV at 14”, wrote Kaya in the video where she makes a face of surprise and shock. The post has already surpassed 11 million views and sent “Skins” fans into a frenzy. Watch:

@kayascodelarioWill always be greatful. But yeah safeguarding really wasn’t a thing back then…♬ original sound – Kaya Scodelario

In the caption of the publication, the actress made her love for the series clear. “I will always be grateful”he wrote. “But yeah, protecting yourself really wasn’t a priority At that time…”, he added. Channel 4’s “Skins” was a huge hit when it was released. The series created by Bryan Elsley and his son Jamie Brittain followed a group of teenagers from Bristol, England.

Amidst the characters’ narratives, the production addressed controversial topics, such as drug use, sexuality, teenage pregnancy, and personality and eating disorders. “Euphoria” also starts from the same premise, released in 2019, years after the end of “Skins”. In the comments of the actress’s post, fans went crazy with Kaya’s mention of the series and compared the two productions. “’Skins’, the mother of ‘Euphoria’”wrote an account. “’Skins’ walked so ‘Euphoria’ could run”joked another.

Kaya Scodelario has given life to the famous Effy Stonem for years. (Photo: reproduction)

Scodelario played one of the main characters of the series, the famous Effy Stonem. Like the actress, the girl was 14 years old in the first season. Even at a young age, the young woman was characterized as rebellious, manipulative, seductive and starred in very controversial moments: with sex, drugs, drinks, etc. At the time, social media – especially Tumblr – was overflowing with images of Effy at parties and with her endless cigarettes.

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