Korea coach complains about FIFA’s injustice and sees Brazil favored

The coach of South Korea, Paulo Bento, stated that FIFA harmed his team in relation to Brazil due to the little time for rest. According to the coach, football’s governing body has favored the strongest teams to the detriment of others.

Paulo Bento’s biggest complaint is that his team will only have 72 hours of recovery. South Korea’s last match was on Friday, and the Round of 16 match will take place on Monday.

Brazil also played on Friday against Cameroon. But since he had already qualified, he used reserves. The selection match, by the way, was after the Korean game.

“The players are identified with what we intend. We will try to pass. We don’t have time to prepare [uma estratégia especial] 72 hours after the physical exhaustion of previous games, the emotional exhaustion. That’s why we gave the players a break”, lamented Paulo Bento.

“I think this is a big problem for the teams. For us, a little bigger than for Brazil, which changed the team [na última fase]🇧🇷 It’s completely different from what we were able to do in the last game. It’s something I don’t remember [na Copa] if we look at 2018. I don’t remember, after the group stage, having games in a 72 hour gap. I don’t remember, it’s something inhuman, it’s not fair. It is something FIFA intends to create less conditions for those who have less conditions. And giving more conditions to those who have more conditions”, criticized the coach.

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