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Casimiro earned more than half a million reais in a week of transmission

The Internet Phenomenon Casimiro Miguel, one of the biggest names on Brazilian YouTube, has done a very high-quality job in its 2022 World Cup broadcast. He is one of the most engaged people in the digital environment since last year with his videos.

During the broadcast from Poland and Argentina, on Wednesday (30), audience data from CazeTV appeared to the public. The more than 213 million views brought in just over $160,000 in the last 28 days. This is equivalent to approximately BRL 832 thousand, in direct conversion. This is the total amount, that is, it does not exclude taxes or fees charged by YouTube.

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The team of Casimir has other income: in addition to YouTube, they broadcast the 2022 World Cup games on Twitch and on the official app of the International Football Federation (Fifa). That’s not counting the excerpts sent to the youtuber’s cuts channel. He also has partnerships with Nubank🇧🇷 McDonalds and Coke🇧🇷

Recently, during the Brazil vs Switzerland broadcast, Cazé broke his own record for simultaneous views in a live broadcast on Youtube. The carioca reached the mark of 5.3 million, a world record.

The transmissions of the World Cup games rely on a large team of journalists, digital influencers and former players. Among the main names are: Isabella Pagliari, Diogo Defante, Ítalo Sena, André Hernan, Luis Felipe Freitas, Guilherme Beltrão, Allan ‘Estagiário’, Junior Baiano, Juninho Pernambucano, Edmilson and Gilberto.

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