Loaned from Corinthians elected best player of November for his club in Europe; check out

Russian Cup victory hero, Ivan, goalkeeper on loan from Corinthians, was elected Zenit player of the month for Novemberfrom Russia.

🇧🇷Ivan is the best player of November according to the blue-white-blue fans!”, posted Zenit on their social networks – check it out below.

In all, the Russian team entered the field five times this month, one friendly, two matches for the Russian Championship and two for the Russian Cup. Of these five, the loanee from Corinthians played only one match, against Spartak Moscow, for the knockout competition. In the others, Mikhail Kerzhakov was the holder.

Despite this, the archer shone in the fight, having saved two penalties and securing victory for Zenit. In fact, the game ended in a fight with six expulsions and a former Corinthians player received a six-game suspension as punishment.

Since arriving in Europe, Ivan has established himself as an immediate backup for Kerzhakov, the team’s starter. There, he has entered the field four times, all for the Russian Cup. In them, he finished two without conceding a goal.

In addition to the goalkeeper, six other Brazilians are part of the Russian team’s squad. Of these, three have already passed through Parque São Jorge: claudinho🇧🇷 malcom and mantuan🇧🇷

Now, Ivan and the rest of the European team are on “vacation” until March 2023, as the Russian Championship is paralyzed during the winter, as the country reaches minus 30 degrees and the practice of football there is unfeasible.

In January, Ivan Quaresma was hired by Corinthians and became Cássio’s reserve. However, as he wasn’t having so many opportunities, he was involved in the negotiation for Yuri Alberto, in July. Well adapted to Zenit, the goalkeeper even spoke that he wants to stay in Russia.

Check the post made by Zenit congratulating Ivan

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