Macron warns French about lack of light and worsening economy in 2023: ‘It will be difficult’

President of France exposed the difficulty that the European Union will face due to the economic slowdown of the main countries of the world in the coming months

EFE/Ian Langsdon
Macron urged the population ‘not to panic’ in the coming months

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, gave an interview last Saturday, the 3rd, to expose the difficulty that his government will have in the coming months as a result of the slowdown in the world economy. According to the politician, it will be a “slightly difficult moment”, but his expectation is for improvement by the year 2024. “I am aware that times are difficult and that the cost of living weighs on our daily lives. We will withstand the shock”, asked the French leader, who scored to govern the country that is better in the midst of the unfavorable context. In addition to improved reforms in the Education and Health sectors, Macron called for a sweeping pension reform to make France “stronger”. “We have everything to come out stronger from this somewhat difficult moment in our history, and we probably have more resources than many of our neighbors”, he pointed out. Regarding the lack of electricity, Macron asked the French not to “panic” for the possible lack of light during the winter. According to the French chief executive, electricity cuts “can be avoided” if electricity consumption decreases by around 10%. “In this case, it is possible that, even with low temperatures in December and January, there is no problem. It is the government’s responsibility to prepare for all kinds of possibilities, and to ensure that the country does not experience chaos,” he stressed.

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