Masters abroad? University in the Netherlands releases BRL 62,000 scholarship

Do you want to do a graduate degree abroad in the country? Always wanted to visit Europe? Maybe this is your opportunity! The University of Utrech, in the Netherlands, has an open selection process in which it offers full scholarships to several students. Vacancies are intended only for those who do not have a European passport.

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The institution offers opportunities in more than 90 master’s programs in English; however, for the 2023-2004 academic year, the scholarships offered belong to the university’s six graduate schools. Those interested in applying for vacancies and living the experience of exchange must apply by January 31st.

Master in Europe

the purses of University of Utrecht focus on students with excellent academic performance. Good grades in graduation can be the passport to enter what was once considered the best university in the country.

To help with this mission, financial aid includes full exemption from annuity fees. In addition, the successful candidate will receive an allowance of €11,000 (R$61,700) for the entire period of study.

It is worth mentioning that the application to study at this institution is very simple: just send the application form to the institution and the documents that prove that you are among the 10% of your undergraduate class with the best performance. Check out more details and apply.

To apply for an opportunity like this, you need to send your information to the master’s degree🇧🇷 Next to it, you must include a letter of motivation, a letter of recommendation and your exams, when requested.

other bags

In addition to the scholarships offered by the University of Utrecht, another option available to study at the institution is to apply for the Holland Scholarshipwhich is funded by the Dutch government.

Learn more about the program by accessing Study in NL.

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