Musk’s remarks reignite CEOs’ anger at Apple

After the statements of Elon Musk against Apple, other CEOs of large companies took the opportunity to reinforce their traditional criticism of Apple. Two of those who joined the wave were Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Goal) and Daniel Ek (CEO of Spotify🇧🇷

The first, during the conference DealBook of The New York Timescriticized again the control that Apple has over its platform (referring to the iOS), noting that there is a “conflict of interest” when companies are forced to distribute their apps exclusively on platforms controlled by competitors.

The founder of Facebook also compared Apple to other companies that own operating systems — such as Google —, noting that the giant allows applications to be downloaded on Android even if they are not hosted on the Google Play🇧🇷

Ek, in turn, preferred to use precisely Musk’s new property — the twitter — to highlight a number of posts contrary to Apple’s policies involving App Store fees and competitiveness.

After the series of retweets, the executive questioned how much longer we are going to look away from what he classified as a “threat” to the future of the internet. Stating that consumers are having their choices denied, he even cited regulatory bodies, such as the European Commission🇧🇷

Spotify, it’s worth remembering, has long been dissatisfied with the App Store’s alleged anti-competitive practices — such as the 30% fee charged by the company for in-app purchases. Recently, the new audiobook feature was another point of contention between the two companies.

It seems that Musk has rekindled the flame of competitors against Apple. Let’s follow! 🇧🇷

via Axios

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