National team players eat gold-plated meat in Qatar

Accompanied by former striker Ronaldo, some athletes visited the Nusr-Et restaurant, in Doha; prices exceed R$ 3,000

After beating the Swiss team 1-0 in the World Cup on Tuesday (29.Nov.2022), some players from the Brazilian soccer team visited the Nusr-Et restaurant chain, in Doha, Qatar, known for serving eccentric gold-plated pieces of meat.

In videos that circulate on social media, strikers Gabriel Jesus and Vinícius Júnior, defenders Éder Militão and Bremer and former player Ronaldo “Fenômeno” consume the delicacies alongside the owner of the establishment, chef Nusret Gökçe, 39, – better known by the nickname “Salt Bae” for the fame acquired by salting dishes at the fingertips with leather gloves.

Watch a video of the moment:

the chef accumulates 49.4 million of followers on Instagram. The main dishes of the house include the “Golden Steak”a piece of sirloin served in 24-carat gold leaf, and the “Golden Ottoman Steak”a Wagyu rib set on the bone and also plated in 24k gold.

Both pieces of meat are served without a side dish, as per the restaurant menu in Doha. While the “Golden Steak” costs 1,100 Qatari Rial (approximately BRL 1577 at current exchange rate), the “Golden Ottoman Steak” costs 2,310 Qatari Rial (R$ 3,311).


“Golden Steak” served to national team players

The restaurant is located at the 5 star Sheraton Grand Doha Resort hotel. Altogether, the chain has 22 restaurants🇧🇷 They are mainly concentrated in the United States (7) and Turkey (9), the chef’s country of origin. There is no forecast for opening a branch in Brazil.

In the videos, the players imitate the gesture of salting the steaks and play with “Salt Bae”, which serves the pieces of meat directly from the board with a knife in the mouth of those present. “He is the best”says the chef next to Ronaldo.


Chef “Salt Bae” and Ronaldo


Ex-player is served straight from the cutting board with a knife


Players Watch “Salty Bae” As He Cuts The Delicacy

In recent images posted on her Instagram profile, “Salt Bae” collects distinguished guests at her restaurants, such as the FIFA president (International Football Federation), Gianni Infantino, the polish striker Robert Lewandowski –twice voted best player in the world by Fifa–, British journalist and presenter Piers Morgan and the Spanish national football team🇧🇷

He too appears sitting together with Infantino, Ronaldo and former five-time champions Roberto Carlos and Cafú in the box at Lusail Stadium, where he watched the Brazilian team lose 1-0 to Cameroon on Friday (2.Dec.2022).

In the most recent video until the publication of this report, posted this Sunday morning (Dec 4), the chef toasts a cappuccino with Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos. The players emulate the caricatured way in which “Salt Bae” expresses itself – by extending the vowels and contorting the mouth.

Watch (26s):


The Football World Cup is a private for-profit sporting event. It is carried out every 4 years by the fifa (International Football Federation), which hopes to have revenue record with the event in Qatar in 2022. The teams qualify through previous elimination matches.

The technical committee and the cast of each team that competes in the competition are chosen by private entities. In the case of Brazil, it is up to the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) define who is the coach and who are the players “summoned” (in fact, everyone is invited and whoever is interested goes; as the commercial gain from marketing is great, athletes always attend to the “convocation”🇧🇷

The government of Brazil has no influence on the selection of the team that participates in the tournament. That is, it is not the country that is represented in the World Cup, but a football team chosen by a private entity.

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