Netflix: the main series that will be released on the platform in December 2022

the month of December is stuffed with premieres and some have been long awaited.

check out the main series which will be released in Netflix next month and make a note of it in your calendar so you don’t miss anything:

1- Friends Forever (Season 2 – December 2, 2022)

Popular Tully (Katherine Heigl) and shy Kate (Sarah Chalke) have been best friends since 1974, when an event created an unlikely bond between them. Three decades later, their friendship still endures the most important milestones in their lives. However, a tragedy can change everything.

2- The Most Beautiful Flower – December 07, 2022

Inspired by the life of comedian Michelle Rodriguez, the plot revolves around Mich, a dreamy and very talented young woman who needs to prove to her family and everyone around her her potential and her brilliant destiny on TV. It won’t be easy, but she will fight her way to stardom.

3- I Hate Christmas – December 07, 2022

A nurse is under pressure from her family because she is still single. To quell their questions, she invents for them that she is dating and will now have just 24 days to find someone, forge a relationship, and present him at Christmas to her family members.

4- Emily in Paris (Season 3 – December 21, 2022)

Emily (Lily Collins) is a young American from the countryside who has been hired by a French marketing company. With a new life in Paris, many adventures will come her way.

4- Alice in Borderland (Season 2 – December 22, 2022)

A young video game addict is transported along with his friends to a strange version of Tokyo. Now they have to participate in dangerous survival games to escape this reality alive.

5- The Witcher: The Origin – December 25, 2022

Set 1,200 years before the events of Geralt, Yennefer and Ciri in The Witcher, the Blood Origin series is set in an elven world during the creation of the first witcher prototype and the events leading up to the Conjunction of the Spheres, at which point the worlds of monsters, humans and elves became one.

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By Isabella Procópio

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