North Korean dictator orders babies to be given more ‘patriotic’ names like ‘bomb’ and ‘weapon’ – News

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has issued an order urging people to choose more “patriotic” names for their children, including Chong Il (weapon), Chung Sim (loyalty), Pok Il (bomb) and Ui Song. (satellite).

Names with “soft” endings, such as A Ri (beloved), So Ra (shell) and Su Mi (super beauty), are popular in South Korea, but Kim demanded an end to the trend in the country he leads.

According to the dictator, South Korean-style names are a sign that Seoul is just “a copy of the decadent Western Yankee culture”.

By the end of this year, all North Koreans will have to adopt a more “revolutionary” name and anyone who does not follow this new direction from the communist government could be fined, or even suffer worse, according to information published by the newspaper. daily mail🇧🇷

“Residents are complaining that the authorities are forcing people to change their names in line with the standards required by the state,” an anonymous North Korean citizen told reporters. radio free asia🇧🇷 “Since last month, notices have been constantly issued at the neighborhood watch unit residents’ meeting to correct all names without final consonants.”

The North Korean even explains that the consonants at the end add political meanings to the names, thus meeting revolutionary standards.

However, some citizens are not happy with the request and even dared to ask if they can give their children names that “reflect the current era of hunger and oppression”.

Others say that trying to dictate what kind of names parents give their children is a sign that “tyranny” has finally gone too far: “How can humans not name themselves? Are we really mechanical parts or cattle?” complained one irate citizen.

North Koreans are joking quietly among themselves that they will give their children names like Yong Chol, Man Bok or Sun Hui, popular names in the past that Brazilians would sound like Edna, Sonia or Osmar.

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