Nubank: Customers who do THIS can receive up to R$1,500

Currently, customers of Nubank can receive up to BRL 1,500 in cashback through the app. It is important to highlight that the possibility comes through fintech’s partnership with Shopee🇧🇷

Through the action, with each purchase that the customer makes on the platform with the credit card, it will be possible to receive the money back. So check out the rules and how you can get cash back in the app.

Nubank offers up to R$1,500 in cashback

First, it is important to point out that Nubank customers must activate cashback at Shopping do application🇧🇷 The amount that will be returned to the customer, that is, the percentage that will be applied, will depend on the total purchase, excluding shipping. In a transaction of BRL 100, for example, the cashback amount (return of the amount paid) will be equivalent to 5%.

After making the purchase, the user will need to wait a minimum period of 1 hour to make a new operation and receive the cashback. After completing the transaction, the money will be paid to the customer’s account within 90 days. The balance may be used as the customer wishes.

How to take advantage of app cashback?

For users who already have money available in the app, learn how to activate it below:

  1. First, access the Nubank application;
  2. Click on “Shopping” on the home screen;
  3. Once this is done, select the Shopee offer;
  4. Also, read the information that will appear on the screen and click on “Activate cashback and go to the store”;
  5. Afterwards, the cashback will already be activated;
  6. Finally, just go to the Shopee website or app to see all the promotions that give you access to cashback.

How to apply for a Nubank credit card?

Interested parties can apply for a Nubank credit card in two ways: the first through the browser and the second through the application. See how to perform the procedure below:

browser request

  1. Insert the address: “” (without quotes) in the search tab of the browser;
  2. Enter your CPF and click “Continue”;
  3. Enter your full name and email;
  4. Select if you only want the credit card or it with NuConta;
  5. Check the box agreeing to the company’s privacy policy;
  6. Finish by clicking “Submit”.

application request

  1. Install the app on your Android or iOS phone;
  2. Once on the platform, click on “Start”;
  3. Insert your personal data (name, CPF, e-mail) and go to “Continue”;
  4. After filling in all the data, tap on “Accept and continue” to agree with the company’s privacy policy.

See how to increase the limit

One of the most requested credit cards in the country is Nubank. The tool has several advantages, the most famous being zero annuity. However, when released, it is possible that the user is not satisfied with the granted limit.

Here’s how to increase your card limit:

  • Avoid late payment of bills and invoices🇧🇷
  • Pay before the due date or by the due date;
  • Choose invoice due date according to your salary payment;
  • Do not pay the minimum invoice amount, as this will activate revolving credit;
  • Keep monthly income up to date in the app Nubank🇧🇷
  • Use your credit card frequently;
  • Use the card a lot without going over the limit;
  • Don’t have debts.

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