Nubank starts increasing customer limits without warning

Great news for Nubank customers: the digital bank has increased the credit card limit. Find out what precautions are needed.

Last Wednesday (30), some Nubank digital bank customers were surprised by a new credit card limit. On social media, there are reports that the increase was up to twice as much as the original, even for customers who never used the fintech card.

Despite the good news, one has to be careful with such a high threshold. That’s because, according to experts, the higher the limit, the greater the chances of getting lost when calculating expenses.

Was the increase for all customers?

First, it should be noted that not all Nubank customers received this surprise, but a large number of them received the increase. Early in the morning, the subject “Nubank” was already among the most commented on Twitter.

How does Nubank establish the limit?

When the customer receives approval and obtains the Nubank card, the institution makes a projection of that person’s expenses, risk analysis and usage profile. The institution also checks external data such as the score (score used by Serasa that indicates the probability of someone delaying payments).

All of this is done with the intention of defining an initial safe credit level. Thus, an algorithm performs this process, analyzes all the data and establishes an initial limit for each customer.

Necessary care

An increase in the credit card limit is almost always welcome, as it allows for more purchases to be made in installments, in addition to leaving a surplus in the budget for emergency situations. However, despite all the advantages, it is necessary to be careful with a high limit so as not to lose yourself in spending.

Therefore, it is important to highlight that the digital bank allows its customers to stop spending on their credit card before reaching their limit. This tool is great for ensuring customer safety.

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