Pelé’s health moves the football world and inspires tributes

Athletes and organizations have expressed requests for prayers and well wishes for the King of football

3 dec
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O King Pele’s state of health has moved the world of football, which is currently in a World Cup mood. Several athletes have expressed requests for prayers and best wishes for the greatest football player of all time.

The athlete Rodrygo, from the Brazilian National Team and Mbappé, the main name of the France national team, invited fans on Twitter to join in “prayers to the king”🇧🇷 The official FIFA account also spoke out and wrote “get well soon, Pelé”. The Brazilian also won projections and posters in high definition in Qatar, wishing him well.

Photo: Instagram/Pelé/Poppoca Moderna

And the concern even made Galvão Bueno break protocol during the narration of the game between Brazil and Cameroon on Friday, the 2nd, to comment on the health of the former player.

“I wanted a moment of reflection and positive thinking, whatever your religion, your creed or your belief”, he said, and added: “Pelé is going through a difficult time. Today he sent me a message saying that he is in the phase of see what’s going on. We’re all together with him,” said the narrator.



Photo: Playback/Instagram/@pele

In addition, Torcida Jovem, one of the main organizations of the Santos soccer team, is calling on fans to a vigil for the recovery of the former player who made history with the team’s shirt.

The objective is to gather a crowd to pray for Pelé in front of the Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, where he is hospitalized, during the morning of Sunday, 4.

Contrary to previous statements made by Pelé himself, his hospital stay would not have been just for routine exams and his health condition would be very serious. The newspaper Folha de S. Paulo published this Saturday that the ace started to be treated in a palliative way.

Palliative care is indicated for all patients with progressive and potentially terminal illnesses or conditions. The measures will depend on the symptoms, functionality and prognosis, that is, how long the patient is expected to survive.

In the case of Pelé, he would have started to receive only comfort measures, to relieve pain and shortness of breath, for example.

Admitted since Tuesday, 29, at Hospital Israelita Albert Einstein, Pelé stopped responding to the chemotherapy treatment he had been undergoing since September last year, when he was operated on for bowel cancer.

At the beginning of the year, metastases were diagnosed in the intestine, lung and liver, which continued to spread through the body of the football king.

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