Record will show the movie Cornered

Record will show this Saturday night (3) within the Tela Máxima session, the movie Cornered. Released in 2002, the film stars Charlize Theron, Courtney Love, Stuart Townsend, Kevin Bacon, Pruitt Taylor Vince and Dakota Fanning. The direction is done by Luis Mandoki. The film will air at 23:15, after A Fazenda 14.

The film tells the story of Joe Hickey (Kevin Bacon) is a man who is apparently involved in the business of kidnapping the children of the rich for ransom with his wife Cheryl (Courtney Love) and cousin Marvin as his accomplices. Will Jennings (Stuart Townsend), the father/husband in a typical happy family, is a research physician who has just gotten his big career break by patenting a new anesthetic drug. The mother/wife, Karen Jennings (Charlize Theron), is a housewife who used to be a nurse.

The couple’s daughter Abby (Dakota Fanning) is kidnapped by Hickey and Marvin. Meanwhile, Cheryl holds Will at gunpoint and tells him of his daughter’s kidnapping after he is left outside a ceremony at which he is honored for his career. The film then follows the tense situation experienced by the couple, separated by the bandits and kept in the dark while they wait for the outcome of their situation. It is later revealed that Cheryl and Joe kidnapped Abby as they believe Will killed their daughter Katie, who had a tumor. Will says it was the surgeon who killed her, as he was unable to stop the bleeding during the operation. Cheryl says that Hickey won’t believe her if she tells him about it. The situation is compounded by Abby’s asthma.

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