super app is the future?

Elon Musk, in his almost daily epiphanies, has the goal of turning Twitter into a super app. The billionaire owner of Tesla wants to create an app that literally does everything: order food, exchange messages with his friends, pay bills, etc. This, possibly, will be the future. However, isn’t that a lot of power for a single company (or person, for that matter)?

Before, it is worth mentioning that such a super application is a trend in Asia. The main reference on the subject is WeChat, from China, a multiplatform instant messaging service that allows you to shop, book flights and much more. Experts believe that he is the source of inspiration for Musk and his “western version”, which already has a name: X.


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“A super app is just a platform that has a certain core functionality, but also allows applets to be built in-house so users can have extra capabilities in a space,” explained David Shrier, professor of Artificial Intelligence at a university in London. , in England, in an interview with The Guardian.

“What makes it easy is a single sign-on where users don’t have to keep typing in login or credit card details,” he added.

The professor also highlighted that he would not trust to deliver virtually all of his life’s data and tasks in the hand of a single application, even more so commanded by Musk.

“A lot of people have doubts [sobre o super aplicativo], including me. That’s why there has been a backlash from Meta – which powers Facebook and WhatsApp – trying to launch a digital currency. I think there’s a broader question… when we give up our permissions to a super app, do we really know what we’re agreeing to?” Shrier said.

Elon Musk wants to create a super app called X
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The main doubt – and, why not, fear? – is about the control that a single app would have over a person’s life. With all of a user’s data, the service would control which products and services he would see on his cell phone, for example. The concentration of market power would make oligarchies much more powerful.

Although the cons of having a super application that does everything are very strong, the tendency is that, as in Asia, the West has a multiplatform service to call its own. And Elon Musk took the lead to own that version when he bought Twitter.

On his own Twitter, Elon Musk said that buying the social network was an “accelerator to create X, the app of everything”. It is known that the billionaire is a great admirer of WeChat, the Chinese super app that brings together several online services.

It is worth remembering that, in August, Elon Musk responded to a follower implying that he had been planning the X for some time. The user asked if the entrepreneur was going to create his own social network and he only replied with “”.

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