Surprising actress enters the race for Sue Storm

the reboot of Fantastic Four is finally ramping up production at Marvel Studios. After all, we finally have a new director confirmed. As the project’s SCREENWRITERS were finally revealed. Remaining the great curiosity of the fans: the cast!


According to reports, Marvel has finally started the casting process for the reboot. And the insider Deuxmoi brought a new rumor, that actress Alexandra Daddario would have entered the dispute for the role of Sue Storm, the Invisible Woman.

The actress who shone in the Percy Jackson films may be on her way to the MCU. But according to the rumor, it wouldn’t be just her! Since Marvel would also be eyeing Alexandra’s BROTHER, obviously for the role of Johnny Storm.

Despite being much less famous, Matthew Daddario participated in the Shadowhunters series. Would we then have our Storms as brothers in real life?

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Fantastic Four will be a Marvel Studios reboot, the first team-up film to be produced by the studio. There is still no release date. The characters have already had three adaptations for the cinema, two of medium success, and one having been a failure.

The unanimity is that no film has honored the characters in the way they deserve. Kevin Feige’s Marvel Studios is expected to finally get it! Announced in December 2020, director Jon Watts (Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Trilogy) HAS LEFT command of the film! His replacement is Matt Shakman, who shone in the direction of WandaVision🇧🇷

Still without a cast, the film is CONFIRMED to hit theaters on November 8, 2024🇧🇷 As well as officially being the start of Phase 6 of the MCU!

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