Ten Years After Its End, Twilight Is Back In Theaters

Twilight became a worldwide phenomenon upon its release in 2018. Beloved by a vast legion of fans, mainly teenagers, impacted by the romance between human Isabella Swan (Kristen Stewart) and vampire Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson), it was based on the best seller by the American Stephenie Meyer. They even formed the couple “Robsten”, who could not resist the ups and downs of real life. On the other hand, Twilight also attracted a large number of haters, who couldn’t stand the hidden conservatism of its characters, not to mention horror lovers, who didn’t swallow good vampires who shone like angels. Controversies aside, it is indisputable that the film marked an era and promoted a great incentive to reading and dozens of productions in theaters and TV. The saga was among the highest grossing cinema.

Twilight has been at CineX in Catanduva since Thursday, marking the tenth anniversary of Breaking Dawn – Part 2, which ended the saga in theaters. The expectation is that its exhibition will be followed by New Moon, on the 8th, Eclipse, 15th, and the two parts of Breaking Dawn on the 22nd and 29th, respectively, according to Paris Filmes.

For those who were not lucky or not (according to each point of view) to see the first film, the film has vampires that are a little different from the traditional Dracula and Lestat (from Interview with the Vampire). Directed by Catherine Hardwicke, Twilight shows the impossible love between Bella and Edward. Living with her father in a new city, the girl feels out of place and friendless. So does Edward and his pale brothers, who don’t mix with the other young people. A series of incidents brings the two closer together, after initial hostility.

Though tall, pale, and seductive, Twilight vampires don’t sleep in coffins, but are blood-based immortals. However, as they are good, they only feed on the blood of animals, avoiding attacking humans, which earned them the debatable classification of “vegan vampires”. If in the beginning what attracted Edward was Bella’s blood, for the girl, falling in love with a vampire was rebellious, as she is not just the most boring girl in school (with whom her audience identified). With juvenile readers and a religious author, their love has little to do with carnality. It is pure romantic, almost platonic, based on passionate promises. So there’s virtually no blood on Edward’s teeth, or any other form of warmer contact on his cold skin. This more “provocative” side was due to Edward’s rival for Bella’s love, Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner), a boy who turns into a werewolf, invariably shirtless. The former “Robsten” couple went their separate ways in life and in film, with Kristen being nominated for an Oscar for Spencer and Pattinson becoming the new Batman, in a way, another kind of bat.

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