The 10 best cities in the world to live and work in 2022

Many people dream of a better life, both for work and for housing. Therefore, living outside Brazil has become a goal for many people. This way, our content today will bring the 10 cities that were considered ideal to live outside Brazil, in the year 2022. Let’s go!

1. Valencia: the first place on the list is located in Spain and occupies this position, for being considered a safe city with a pleasant climate, greatly favoring those who choose to live there.

2. Dubai: Our second position on the list is none other than Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates, where around 70% of people are satisfied with the professional life they lead, in addition to basic services, such as health and safety, which, although they have a high cost, the quality of services ends up offsetting the value.

3. Mexico City: the next destination for this content is in mexican lands! A place of great hospitality and capable of providing a great balance between personal and professional life. The structure of the city also draws attention, as the place usually has good reviews, especially in the health area.

4. Lisbon: the Portuguese capital is increasingly becoming popular with immigrants, especially the Brazilian people. The place is usually well evaluated in matters of work and also in quality of life.

5. Madrid: our destination once again is Spain. This time, the capital Madrid occupies our fifth place, standing out for the general quality of life provided to its residents.

6. Bangkok: leaving the European continent, which has been dominating our options, the city of Bangkok, in Thailand brings a great balance of cost and quality of life and for many people, living there pays off more than in the United States, for example.

7. Basel: When we arrived in Switzerland, the city of Basel has a differentiated infrastructure, in addition to great job opportunities in various sectors and quality of life for its inhabitants.

8. Melbourne: Leaving for the other side of the world, the Australian city of Melbourne has good ratings, according to surveys, and stands out for bringing satisfaction and balance between personal and professional life.

9. Abu Dhabi: leaving again for the United Arab Emirates, the city of Abu Dhabi, although it has a higher cost of living, the structure of the place draws attention, offering good services in health and safety, for example.

10. Singapore: to close our list, singapore, like the previous option, also has a higher cost, but at the same time is able to provide a good quality of life for its residents.

Did you like our list? Choose your destination and pack your bags!

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