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Black Panther: Wakanda Forever has just been released to universal acclaim, and one of the biggest talking points is the MCU’s new villain, Namor, which has already led fans to debate where in the MCU he could appear next. Namor has been one of the most unique antagonists to have existed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in a long time, and that’s partly due to Tenoch Huerta’s incredible performance.

Huerta is as imposing and imposing as the Submarine, but it’s far from the first MCU outing that blew audiences away. Given that the franchise is full of award-winning actors, their performances are almost as important as the action sequences. Between seasoned Marvel actors, newcomers, and a few one-off appearances, the MCU is brimming with talent.

Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda

The Heartbroken Scarlet Witch in the Multiverse of Madness

One deleted user argues that Elizabeth Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda, especially in recent releases, is the best performance in the universe. The Redditor posits: “Elizabeth Olsen takes the cake for me. She conveys the son of Wanda’s heartbreak incredibly well.”

Wanda surpassed Doctor Strange in her own movie, as Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness portrayed Wanda as what fans had been waiting to see her for seven years – the Scarlet Witch. Olsen is genuinely terrifying as the supernatural villain, and with help from director Sam Raimi’s signature horror style, she transforms Wanda from a minor MCU superhero into the franchise’s most fearsome antagonist.

Taika Waititi as Korg

Korg in prison in Thor Ragnarok

Beedant believes that Taika Waititi as Korg is the best performer in the MCU, adding, “I love every scene of every movie that Taika Waititi had a role in, he was hilarious in Ragnarok🇧🇷 Waititi portrays Korg in the franchise, most notably in Thor: Ragnarok and Thor: Love and Thunderand he is mostly comic relief.

It’s almost as if Korg’s dialogue is made up of every one-liners in the MCU, but Waititi somehow makes it work. Waititi portrays Korg as innocent and slightly airheaded, and that combination makes the character so lovable. The actor has a unique sense of humor that he’s carried over to the MCU from his original films, like the vampire mockumentary. What do we do in the shadowsand the Korg is the perfect vessel for that.

Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Loki sitting on the throne in Thor The Dark World

the fifth best thinks Tom Hiddleston is the best performer in the entire MCU, noting, “Tom Hiddleston practically steals the show in the MCU. Thor films.” While Hiddleston fully brought Loki to life in the Thor movies, much like Elizabeth Olsen, Hiddleston’s best performance as Loki is his most recent venture. There’s a lot more depth to the character in the Disney+ series Loki🇧🇷

It is the first time that the character clearly shows how regretful he is for some of his past actions. It’s not surprising that MCU actors are giving their best performances so many years after they were first cast. After appearing in so many movies, these actors know their characters better than anyone else, and now they’re getting their own platforms to shine on and their biggest roles in the MCU yet.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha

Agatha Harkness using her powers in WandaVision

Zoecornélia points to one of the MCU’s newcomers as the actor who delivered the best performance, commenting, “Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness was fabulous.” The Redditor is right, as “fabulous” is exactly the right word to describe the over-the-top witch. Hahn was recently introduced into the MCU when she played Agatha in WandaVisionbut she left a big impression on the viewers.

The actor played the witch with great hocus pocus vibes, and while that doesn’t seem to work in the MCU on paper, Hahn totally made it work. Hahn is getting his own Disney+ series in 2023, titled Agatha: Coven of Chaosand it may be quietly the most exciting MCU project of the year, even despite major releases like Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and Guardians Vol. 3🇧🇷

Chadwick Boseman as King T’Challa

Chadwick Boseman as T'Challa in Black Panther

GregThePrettyGoodGuy mentions one of the most obvious amazing performances in the cinematic universe. The Redditor comments: “Chadwick in Black Panther it’s so far beyond any of the other leads in the MCU that it’s not funny.” The user is not wrong, and as far as Black Panther: Wakanda Forever yeah, there’s no denying that Boseman’s absence from the film is felt, and the sequel doesn’t feel like the same series without him.

T’Challa is one of the few characters who doesn’t joke around and doesn’t undermine his own comments with witty one-liners, and while the writers might think these moments of levity are necessary, Boseman has proven that they aren’t absolutely essential. 🇧🇷 Every word that came out of Boseman’s mouth as King T’Challa was so powerful, and audiences hung on to every single one of them. No other actor has a more dominant screen presence in the MCU than Boseman.

Tony Leung as Wen Wu

Wenwu with the Ten Rings in Shang-Chi

fatbrucelee picks Tony Leung as Wen Wu, the real Mandarin, as the best performance in the MCU. The Redditor notes, “He did a great job with Wen Wu. I knew who he was, but I wasn’t familiar with his work. For me, he made the movie.” Although the general public may not recognize Leung, he is one of Hong Kong’s most beloved actors of all time, having starred in classic romantic dramas such as in the mood for love and Chungking Express🇧🇷

MCU super-producer Kevin Feige has even admitted that Leung is the only actor he’s ever been impressed by. As one of the behind-the-scenes facts about Shang Chi, Feige called the Wen Wu actor an “otherworldly star straight from the sky”, and this ora is also clear on the screen. Not only that, but Leung portraying Wen Wu grieving for his wife throughout the Shang Chi is what elevates it from a fun superhero movie to the best the MCU has to offer.

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop in Season 1 of Hawkeye

Hailee Steinfeld is another newcomer, as she first appeared in Archer hawk as Kate Bishop, but hmbse7en doesn’t hesitate to call it one of the best performances the franchise has to offer. The Redditor notes, “She didn’t have the major emotional scenes we’ve seen from other characters, but she was so compelling when she was in a scene, throwing in brilliant subtleties to highlight the path of Kate’s growth as a person.”

Steinfeld has been a force to be reckoned with since age 14, when she was nominated for an Academy Award for her role in 2010. true courage🇧🇷 And now she has the chance to bring that powerful performance to the MCU, as Kate Bishop could appear in upcoming Marvel releases. His performance in Archer hawk it was just a taste of much bigger things to come.

James Spader as Ultron

Ultron with clenched fist in Avengers Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron is one of the most reviled MCU films, and while it faced high expectations after The Avengers, did not even come close to meeting those expectations. However, 3_Eyed_Ravenclaw claims the film’s saving grace by mentioning the titular villain. The Redditor posits: “James Spader as Ultron. Say what you will about this movie, but it absolutely nailed the character.”

While it may just be a voice role, this type of performance can be more difficult than a live action role. Voice actors have to project a lot more and don’t have the benefit of facial expressions and body language to express themselves. And in that regard, Spader does an excellent job as Ultron. Spader is menacing with his slow, deep voice, and the audience understands exactly where he’s coming from.

Oscar Isaac as Moon Knight

Marc Spector being held back by an orderly in Moon Knight

NotAble2LiftMjolnir throws Oscar Isaac’s hat into the ring when debating the best performances in the universe. The Redditor explains: “My favorite is Oscar Isaac in moon knight🇧🇷 Especially the scene where his mother died. He’s really amazing.” While Redditors have mentioned tons of newer actors in the MCU, some fans may have recent bias, but even so, there’s no denying just how great Isaac’s acting is in the MCU. moon knightt limited series.

The movie star basically plays two different roles, and they are totally different, and despite being in some high caliber dramas like Inside Llewyn Davis🇧🇷 moon knight it’s the best display of Isaac’s range. unfortunately, while moon knight needs a second season seems unlikely given that Isaac only signed a one-season deal with Marvel Studios.

Vin Diesel as Groot

Groot's death in Guardians of the Galaxy

Tornado31619 has a pick of the field when it comes to the MCU’s best performances, citing Vin Diesel as Groot. The Redditor mentions, “Seriously though, at least he knows how to deliver them every time.” Diesel only says the same three words as Groot, which are, “I am Groot,” but depending on what the character is really trying to say, the actor puts a different kind of inflection on those three words every time.

“I am Groot” is never said the same way, which must be extremely difficult to master. Not only that, but Diesel revealed that he learned all three words in every language and recorded them all, all with different inflections, so the character wouldn’t have to be dubbed by dozens of foreign voice actors (via Time🇧🇷

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