The luxury vacation was extended: HBO Max confirms third season of “The White Lotus” – News

Even before the end of the second season of “The White Lotus”, HBO Max decided to give the green light to new episodes of the series. On social media, the streaming service confirmed the third season, but did not provide details about the premiere date.

In the first season, set in a Hawaiian resort, upper class privilege and social differences are the target of the argument of creator Mike White (writer of “School of Rock” and creator of the series “Enlightened”) and a cast that included Jake Lacy, Alexandra Daddario, Jennifer Coolidge or Connie Britton, among others. The story had a conclusion and made it seem like “The White Lotus” could end in the first season, but 20 Emmy nominations and 10 statuettes later, a second season arrived on HBO Max.

The premise is similar: rich people with defects of various kinds are going to spend a week at a resort and there is a death in the background that we will only find out whose it is at the end. The setting and the cast are renewed: from Hawaii we move to Sicily and from the cast of the first season only Jennifer Coolidge and Jon Gries return and actors like Theo James, Michael Imperioli, F. Murray Abraham or Aubrey Plaza join the team.

The fate of the third season is not yet known.

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