This NASA space capsule has crossed all limits!

Space travel is the great revolution of human beings for the coming decades. Thinking about it, the companies responsible for this feat need to work and adapt many things so that these trips do not become boring, since people are always looking for new types of entertainment.

Thinking about not making a fool of myself, the NASA designed a “party mode” for the capsule called Orion, which has been in operation for the Artemis I mission since November 11, when it was launched.

The Artemis mission, which for the time being does not have a crew, intends to pave the way for human beings to reach the Moon once again.

So if the Orion capsule already has these resources, we can expect that this will be increased in the next trips through space, when NASA is dealing with real people, not just dolls inside the spacecraft, as it happens now in the mission already launched.

With this novelty, when astronauts are unhappy with the view and anxious because of the dangers existing in space, they will simply be able to give a voice command to a virtual assistant called Callistoand then this reality will be changed with the lighting, changing and coloring of lights inside the ship.

Callisto has its programming based on Alexa, as it was developed by Amazon in conjunction with Lockheed Martin, which, in addition to being in charge of the “party mode”, also provides information about the capsule while it is traveling.

The video posted by Lockheed Martin on the Twitter profile shows the comfort that astronauts will have. You can check it out using the link below:

The company in question says that it has already opened opportunities for choosing or ordering colors, and the catalog is available on the company’s Twitter profile.

What astronauts can expect, then, is at least a little more comfort as they zoom away from Earth at approximately 28,000 kilometers per hour, or 17,000 miles per hour, in a fireball that is triggered by the hydrogen.

The Artemis mission is being one of those trips that will make history, because, as mentioned earlier, its objective is to take humans back to the Moon after half a century since we stepped on the Moon for the first time, back in the 1960s.

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