Wenger reveals three possible competition formats for the 2026 World Cup, which will have 48 teams

In a press conference this Sunday (4), Arsène Wenger spoke about the 2026 World Cup, which will be expanded to 48 teams

In a press conference of the FIFA Technical Study Group, this Sunday (3), the former coach Arsène Wengerwho leads the organization’s Football Development Department, commented on the world Cup 2026, which will be the 1st with 48 teams and may change its format.

Recently, the english newspaper The Guardian published that the organization that governs world football is still debating the ideal form of competition, since 16 new teams will have to be fitted, which will inflate the tournament even more.

Initially, there was talk of 16 groups of three teams, with the top two qualifying for the round of 32 finals.

In an interview this Sunday, Wenger mentioned two more possible formats for the World Cup in the United States, Canada and Mexico, but stressed that the final decision on the subject should only be taken next year.

“Speaking of the next World Cup, in which we will have 48 teams, that (competition format) is not yet decided, if they will be 12 groups of four🇧🇷 16 groups of threeperhaps two sides of 24 teams… I still can’t define it. It will be decided by a (FIFA) Council, which will be held next year“, he stressed, without giving much explanation about how the “two sides of 24” would work.

Asked about the expansion from 32 to 48 selections, the formerArsenal defended the change and cited its arguments.

“It means that now we will find 16 more good teams. For example: in Africa, we will have five more teams. In Europe, there will be three more teams🇧🇷 The World Cup doesn’t even represent 25% of the planet, it’s only 22% to be exact”, he pointed out.

“(With 48 teams) We are going to give teams more opportunity and develop football in these countries. Here at the Technical Studies Group, we analyze the whole world, 225 countries, and there is an education deficit in many countries in the world”, he continued.

🇧🇷I am convinced that if countries have more chances to reach this great world stage, they will do more for the development of their nations“, he added.

The next World Cup will be played between June and July 2026, but still without certain dates.

The days will only be defined when the competition format is chosen, as this will determine how many matches will have to be played.

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